WWE news: Roman Reigns responds to The Rock's interest in making 'amazing' return

Reigns and The Rock could battle in WWE

WWE really are teasing us with Roman Reigns vs The Rock, aren't they?

The suggestion that an earth-shattering bout could take place at WrestleMania 37 just won't go away, especially given how 'The Big Dog' is currently feuding with his real-life cousin, Jey Uso.

Could we see a family storyline build-up to the biggest event of the year? Quite possibly. 

On top of that, earlier this week Paul Heyman put Dwayne Johnson on notice by claiming he's the one calling out Reigns for a match, rather than things being the other way around. 

So, The Rock is apparently keen for a match - if you're to believe Heyman's hype - but what about Roman?

How would he feel about the opportunity to step into the ring and go one-on-one with 'The Great One'? 

Pretty damn excited, actually. 

Reigns and Rock could square off in WWE

"It would be amazing," the Universal Champion told ESPN.

"For any superstar of my generation to have someone on his level, someone that has done so much not only in sports entertainment but the movie industry and entertainment in general.

"The man has like a billion followers online and stuff, so to be able to put that type of spotlight on our current generation and what we do within our product in WWE, that would be amazing.

Reigns is top of the card in WWE right now

"Just to share the ring with him, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing now being able to share the ring with my cousin Jey Uso.

"To be able to tell that story about our family business and the lineage and history and where we come from and representing our family is pretty cool.

"To just continue it and take it to the next level, that’s what I’m trying to do every single time." 

Reigns is involved in a storyline with his cousin Jey

Reigns and The Rock have been seriously flirting with the idea of a match for a long, long time now. Surely something is in the works for WrestleMania 37? 

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