FIFA 21: How to score every time you win an attacking free kick on the game


YouTuber Zelonius FIFA believes that everyone should be able to nail attacking free kicks around the box on FIFA 21 - and has put together a video to show players how to score from them every time!

At the beginning of his video, Zelonius remarks that he rarely sees anyone directly shoot from attacking free kicks on the game. Instead, he suggests that players are simply happy to take the set piece short and try to work a chance from it.

This is an attitude that the content creator aims to change with his upload.

The video does admit that there are not generally many attacking free kicks conceded on the game. However, if a player is fortunate to win a free kick in an advanced position around the box, then it seemingly provides a golden opportunity.

How to score easily from attacking free kicks on FIFA 21

The aiming circle should be just above the crossbar. Players should then move the right joystick up to put top spin on the ball. The aim is to nestle the ball in the top corner - right between the crossbar and the post. The shot should be taken to the corner on the side that the free kick is awarded.

Of course, the attributes that your chosen free kick taker possess will have an impact. Those with high ratings in terms of curve, shot power and free kick accuracy will work best. 

Players should try and put between two and two-and-a-half bars worth of power behind their shot. Ideally, the shot bar should turn green. 


When executed correctly, the goalkeeper is rendered useless - as the ball flies into the top corner.

In fact, unless the opposition player moves their goalkeeper to the centre of the goal, then Zelonius insists that these free kicks are "pretty much unsaveable".

In the event that your opponent does position their shot stopper in the centre of the goal, then simply aiming for the far corner of the net should see the ball loop over the goalkeeper and in.

The video even has a counter for when your opponent places a man on the line in order to try and prevent a free kick from being scored. By pressing R1 and L2 (RB and LT on Xbox), players can call over additional teammates to stand over the free kick.

Players can then either opt to have a teammate take the shot - or can trigger a fake shot. The confusion will often cause your opponent to bring their man off the line early, allowing you a clear route to the usual shot on goal.

Zelonius, though, does not advise shooting from any more than 25 yards out, meaning that the position in which you are awarded the set piece is crucial. If the free kick is further out - or in a wide area - then the video does advocate trying to create something via a cross or pass rather than a shot.

For those situations where you are in prime position, this is a must-use tactic for every FIFA player to have in their arsenal.

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