Man United: The streets won't forget Nani's collection of Premier League wonder goals

Luis Nani scored some absolute crackers for Man Utd

‘The streets won’t forget’.

A four-word phrase that has become synonymous with the way professional football is debated and eulogised across social media platforms.

It’s a saying that basically applies to a player who dazzled fans of the beautiful game for either a singular brief period in their career or in multiple short bursts.

To put it simply, ‘the streets won’t forget’ is a welcome trip down memory lane in what is a tough time for the world and it’s a concept we here at GIVEMESPORT adore.

So every Saturday, we’re going to go all nostalgic and select one player who falls into this unique, millennial-created category and we’re then going to wax lyrical about them for a little while.

Manchester United cult hero Nani

The man who receives the prestigious honour of being first in this series is none other than Luis Nani.

Once heralded as the successor to Cristiano Ronaldo‘s throne at Manchester United, the Portuguese international failed to fulfil all of his enormous potential.

But boy were there glimpses of his superstar quality. Nani’s collection of wonder goals from his Premier League days is right up there with the very best to have graced the English top-flight.

Nani in action vs Spurs

Who needs consistency anyway? After all, the streets choose to remember players that are 10/10 once every four weeks over those who are 7/10 every single week.

So let’s have a look at some of Nani’s stunners, starting with a solo effort against Arsenal that Neymar and Ronaldinho would have been dead proud of.

Nani vs Arsenal

Unreal from Nani. After embarrassing Arsenal’s defence with some silky dribbling, the Portuguese added insult to injury with the most divine chipped finish from a ridiculously tight angle.

Nani vs Chelsea

Has a Premier League football ever been struck sweeter than this?! An absolute rocket from Nani and Petr Cech was motionless in the Chelsea goal.

Nani vs Tottenham

Another heat-seeking missile from the Portuguese winger’s right boot. Nani’s long-range effort against Spurs wasn’t quite as spectacular as his fierce strike against Chelsea, but it wasn’t far off.

Nani vs Middlesbrough

The fourth and final goal of our quartet of Nani worldies is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch. After picking the ball up near the halfway line, the Portuguese emulated Diego Maradona’s famous goal against England for a brief moment, before delivering a very different final act to that of the Argentine.

Instead of charging into the box with the ball at his feet, Nani opted to fire it straight into the top corner from range with 100% accuracy. One of the most underrated strikes in Premier League history.

Nani's goal vs 'Boro

Goals worthy of a place in a Premier League museum – if there were such a thing.

Nani really was an enigma, a match-winner at the best of times and the most frustrating player on the pitch at his worst.

Nevertheless, he still produced some magnificent seasons in a United shirt. During the Red Devils’ title-winning campaign in 2010/11, the winger scored nine goals and recorded 19 assists.

Ronaldo & Nani with the PL trophy

The following year, Nani scored eight goals and registered 12 assists in just 29 appearances, but it all went a bit pear-shaped after 2011/12.

However, while he was never the Ronaldo replacement United fans craved, he was certainly an entertainer of the very highest order at his fear-inspiring best.

The 33-year-old won’t feature in any ‘greatest Premier League player’ lists, but the streets certainly won’t be forgetting him anytime soon.

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