Woman runs 5:25 mile despite being nine months pregnant


Yes, you read that headline correctly.

A woman has managed to run a mile in an astonishing five minutes 25 seconds while being nine months pregnant.

Australian Makenna Myler has been a fitness fanatic for some years, and she has now officially put us all to shame.

Just being able to run a mile while pregnant is more than impressive, but to do what Makenna has managed whilst basically carrying a fully grown baby at nine months pregnant is just insane.

The baby’s due date (October 19) is actually today too!

To put things into perspective, an average healthy person should be able to run a mile in about nine to 10 minutes.

Those new to running should be looking at a time between 12 and 15 minutes, whilst elite marathon runners can do a mile in about four to five minutes.


So, Makenna running a mile in just over five minutes is just ridiculous.

Whilst speaking to LADbible, Makenna stated: "Honestly I had no idea I'd be capable of running that time by the end of my pregnancy. I took everything week by week.”

With her pregnancy, Makenna obviously had to change her usual training regime, with her now working out for two of course.

"My training regime changed a ton to accommodate growing another human. I went from double days and three intense workouts a week to one a day and maybe one workout a week if that.”

She also said that, for her, running was easy at times and that she would let her body dictate her recovery after she’d been working so hard.


For those worrying, Makenna’s training regime was given the green light by medical professionals, as she said both doctors she’d seen had been supportive. The second doctor she saw was a bit hesitant at first, but after an ultrasound, he was more than happy for her to continue her progress.

Makenna has certainly cemented herself as an inspiration to all women looking to keep fit during pregnancy, with her further saying: "Revel in the beauty of recovery and being at peace with small efforts, but also know you are so much more capable than you think you are."

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