Mike Tyson is auctioning off the chance to spar with him in the training ring


We live in an age where social media followers have never seemed so important.

There is a certain amount of stock placed in how many followers an account has, whether it be for personal or business purposes. Similarly noteworthy, though, are the users which follow your account.

Now, assuming you have deep enough pockets, you could get the legendary "Iron" Mike Tyson to follow you on Instagram.

As part of a charity auction to benefit the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation, you can now bid for the opportunity to have the former undisputed world heavyweight champion follow you on the social media platform.

The California-based cancer charity is running several auctions involving celebrities at present. Aside from Tyson, you can also bid for the chance to add the likes of Cedric The Entertainer and Jamie Foxx to your list of Instagram followers.

A chance to add Mike Tyson to your Instagram followers

Sounds appealing? The one catch may be the price. With more than two days still to go before the auction ends, the top bid stands at $5,750 (approximately £4,392) at time of writing.

Having already gone above the $5,000 estimated value, that price could well increase before bidding is all said and done too!

For those who want a more personal experience with the 54-year-old legend, the charity is also offering the chance to spar - as well as have lunch - with Tyson.

The package is for two people, allowing the winning bidder to bring a friend along for the ride.

There can be no doubt that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and, as such, it is priced accordingly. The opportunity to spend a few hours with Tyson has an estimated value of $40,000, although the bidding currently sits at $15,500 (£11,846).

This particular lot still has over a week to run, however.

Whilst neither of these auction lots are necessarily within the reach of your average fan, they are truly unique offerings. 

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Tyson should be applauded for offering his support to a charity who must surely have seen many of their fundraising efforts this year disrupted by COVID-19.

Tyson's participation alone will allow the organisation to generate a hefty five-figure sum in support of their work.

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