Study shows improvements on brain functions by playing video games


Traits such as response times, long-term memory and spatial awareness can be improved through gaming, the study showed.

If you were ever told as a child that “video games are bad for you”, then you might want to show them this article.

Conducted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the study aimed to research the impact video games have on an individual’s brain functionality.

The study made a comparison between adults who had played video games before, with those that never played video games – even as a child.

The research involved using the infamous Super Mario 64 – the video game created by Nintendo in 1996.

It wasn’t the worst study in the world for participants, who had to play one and a half hours of Super Mario 64 for ten days.

It stated that the only information given to those playing were how to use the controller and the main goals of the game.

Before the gaming started, each participant’s cognitive skills were measured by the analysts to compare the differences.

Following the ten (assumingly fun) days of playing Super Mario, another measurement of cognitive skills took place.


The results showed that those who hadn’t played video games before scored lower on the first skills test. However, once they had played for ten days, they scored similarly to the participants who had already played video games.

The results also highlighted that these improvements can be carried into adulthood and will help an individual in later life.

So, forget if someone has ever told you that you “waste time” playing on your console. Instead, show them that it can actually make you smarter in later life.

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