Hamilton, Schumacher, Senna: Who is the greatest Formula 1 driver ever?


Looking at over 700 F1 drivers that have lined up on the starting grid in over 70 years, the investigation researched who takes ‘pole position’ in the overall rankings.

The statistical study, conducted by money.co.uk, analysed a number of categories that correlate to points for the rankings, such as titles and average number of points per start.

Also taken into consideration for the study were factors such as podium finishes and mechanical retirements.

Taking the number 1 spot – ranking him the greatest F1 driver of all time – is the 1950s driver Juan Manuel Fangio.

The top 10 drivers overall in the study are as follows:
1. Juan Manuel Fangio – 88.6 points
2. Lewis Hamilton – 79.3 points
3. Michael Schumacher – 79.2 points
4. Jim Clark – 65.5 points
5. Alberto Ascari – 65.3 points
6. Alain Prost – 64.2 points
7. Ayrton Senna – 58.9 points
8. Jackie Stewart – 58.3 points
9. Sebastian Vettel – 57.3 points
10. Niki Lauda – 50.9 points

The Argentinian Fangio has the highest driver win percentage in history, as well as most points per start, contributing to him taking the top spot.


Lewis Hamilton recently surpassed Schumacher in the rankings to take second place after his victory at the Eifel Grand Prix, equalling the German’s number of victory’s record.

Other statistics were revealed in the research, stating that Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen holds the record for most podium finishes, standing on the podium 82 times so far in his career.

The top three in the list are also head and shoulders above the rest – by almost 14 points – with Hamilton still adding to his overall points.


The study will also be ongoing and will change as the current F1 season progresses, with Hamilton looking to close the gap between himself and former driver Fangio in an attempt to claim top spot.

Other current drivers are also making their way up the rankings, such as Max Verstappen placed at #47, who will be looking to improve their ranking as their career goes on.

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