WWE news: Kurt Angle names 'consistent and dominant' WWE star as the greatest of all time

Angle has named the greatest WWE star of all time

As WWE fans, we love to debate who the greatest wrestler of all time is. 

The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock... there are countless other names we could throw into the conversation. 

Your choice could be based on your favourite star's in-ring ability, their legendary character, or even how good they are on the mic. 

The great thing about wrestling is that everyone's opinion is valid. 

But who does WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle rate as the greatest superstar of all time?

Well, that's a question he answered on Twitter earlier this week. 

He quote tweeted a video of his match with John Cena at No Mercy in 2003 and named the 16-time world champion as the best ever. 

Cena and Angle had a great WWE rivalry

"One of my favourite feuds. I consider Cena the greatest WWE Superstar of all time," Angle wrote.

"John was consistent and dominant for 15+ years. Nobody has done it that long specifically in WWE. #It'sTrue."

Check out the clip below: 

Angle's opinion is one that many fans - and fellow wrestlers - share. 

Cena's name may not always be thrown around with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock or The Undertaker, but he does often feature on many people's 'WWE Mt. Rushmore'. 

That, of course, is the idea that you pick four of the greatest of all time and put their faces on the famous mountain.  

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Cena has done incredible things for the wrestling business. 

Cena has done an awful lot in WWE

The fact he's such a polarising figure has no doubt contributed to his success to. As the old saying in WWE goes: 'negative reaction is better than no reaction at all'. 

Cena certainly took his fair share of the negative reaction, but he's universally respected by his in-ring peers. You can guarantee that even his biggest haters will miss him when he's gone. 

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