Boxing: Mike Tyson's incredible physique has fans worried for Roy Jones Jr.


The video, posted by legendary boxer Shannon Briggs, shows ‘Iron Mike’ in great shape as he trains for his in-ring return.

Tyson has put in the hours since announcing the exhibition bout would take place, and almost knocked out his trainer in footage posted last month.

The 54-year-old, whose last professional fight was back in 2005, was known for his pace and power during a boxing career that spanned 50 wins and over 20 years.

And with news emerging that the fight will be cut from the originally planned 24 minutes to 16 minutes, those technical skills could come to the fore once again on the night.

The decision may well have been taken with the health of both fighters in mind, with the combined age of both totalling 105 years old.

But Jones Jr., despite fighting as recently as 2018, believes that the new stipulations may hinder his chances of emerging victorious.

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Speaking to Joe Rogan, he explained: “They’ve got me doing eight two-minute rounds now. That’s to his advantage too. Everything’s to his advantage, that’s to his advantage too.

“At this point, the fans are so excited about it, I wouldn’t want to pull the rug from under the fans… and they (Team Tyson) will try and sue me.

“It’s not really worth it, so I’m going to go in and do these two rounds, but I’m going to have to work a little bit faster than I expected to.”


There have also been rumours that a WBC title will be on the line when the two men fight in November, although that is yet to be fully confirmed.

Tyson announced back in July that is effectively fighting for free, with his entire match purse set to be donated to various charities.

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