WWE news: Who has been impacted the most by the 2020 Draft?

New Day

Sometimes change is inevitable. Whether it is always a good or a bad thing, though, can remain up for debate.

There is half a chance that it will reinvent a number of different things, whilst there are moments where it may just not work that well and do the exact opposite to what was initially hoped would happen.

The WWE have certainly made their fair share of changes over the years and the WWE Draft certainly helps them to do that in a creative way.

However, whether they always work is up for debate. Whilst there may be some good intentions, there might also be some moments that can effectively end a Superstar's career with the company.

With the 2020 edition of the WWE Draft having taken place in recent weeks, now feels an opportune time to take a look at a couple of Superstars who have been moved that could see their stock rise, or decrease now they are on a new brand.

Big E and The New Day

The New Day have become one of the most popular factions to have existed in the WWE in recent years, however the company have decided to split them up.

Big E

Big E will be based on SmackDown by himself as a singles competitor, whereas Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will likely continue together as a Tag Team on RAW.

The move could be great for each of the performers as it may provide them with different opportunities and fresh new angles to pursue.

Big E's move to becoming a singles competitor shows that there is some trust from the hierarchy that he can be a star on his own - not forgetting that he was an NXT Champion and an Intercontinental Champion early on in his tenure with the company.

Woods has recently come back from a year out with an Achilles injury, so more frequent tag-team action with a seasoned veteran like Kofi could be perfect for him to take himself to the next level.

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews

Things have been pretty tough for Apollo Crews over the last 12 months or so, as he has been a victim of poor creative and booking choices, despite having been the United States Champion for a period.

They did start to look a lot better for him recently as he was involved in a feud that had some meaning on RAW with The Hurt Business, however he has now been traded to Smackdown, where he will likely become a mid-card talent that has no direction once again.

Jey Uso

Jey Uso

One half of The Usos, Jey has seen his stock significantly improve in recent weeks as he went toe-to-toe with his real-life cousin, Roman Reigns, for the Universal Championship. His performances must have impressed the powers that be, as he was retained on the SmackDown brand.

Whether he will continue to compete at the main event stage will remain to be seen, but it appears the trust in him to be a valued singles competitor remains and the possibilities for him moving forward could be huge.

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