WWE news: Jey Uso reveals how much of Roman Reigns storyline is scripted & whose idea it was

Uso has opened up about his storyline with Reigns

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are WWE's two hottest superstars right now.

The pair are feuding over the Universal Championship, but their storyline takes on an extra dimension because of their family ties. 

A spotlight has been put on their relationship - the two are real-life cousins - and Roman has been demanding respect as 'The Tribal Chief'. 

Having already done battle at the Clash of Champions PPV, Uso and Reigns will meet again at Hell in a Cell in an 'I Quit' match - which will apparently have the highest stakes ever seen in WWE. 

Ahead of that bout on Sunday, Jey has been speaking about the storyline and revealed a number of interesting details on the Gorilla Position Podcast

When asked whose idea the feud was, Uso paid tribute to the 'genius' Vince McMahon. 

"That old man [Vince McMahon] is a genius for a reason," he said. 

Reigns and Uso have been sharing the ring

"I’m pretty sure he put that idea out there and his team was like, 'eh, it is working'."

Jey also revealed that most of the promos are unscripted, with him and Roman reaching a level where creative have 'taken the chains off'. 

"In terms of what I’m saying and what he's saying, not a lot [is written out]. I'm reacting to what he's saying because they can’t write our promos. 

The promos have been fire

"They can’t write how he feels about me and how I feel about him.

"We got to the level where they trust us and let us do our thing. It feels good to finally get to that level where they took the chains off us."  

The Reigns/Uso storyline is going down so well with fans because it feels real. To hear that both men have been given freedom with their promos is certainly refreshing. 

Reigns and Uso have a brilliant feud

Let's hope WWE continue to let this story play out organically because it doesn't sound like the pair will be finished at Hell in a Cell...

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