Mike Tyson reveals he hated Michael Jackson for 'breaking his ego' and 'crushing him'


It takes something special to leave the great heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson feeling defeated, but pop star Michael Jackson was special, and he did just that.

Speaking on T.I’s podcast, Tyson recently confessed that his friendship with Jackson got off to a rocky start.

Tyson and Don King were at one of the ‘King of Pop’s’ shows in Cleveland when Don, already familiar with Michael, greeted the pop star with a peace sign, which was reciprocated.

Mike then went for the same greeting, only to be ignored by the singer.

The champ didn’t take it to heart, though, as he was certain Jackson just hadn’t seen him, telling T.I: “In a way, I say, ‘Did he play me? Nah he didn’t play me, he just didn’t see me. I knew he didn’t play me because I’m f***ing champ.”

That’s the kind of confidence that makes the best the best.

Don and Iron Mike ran into the star again later that night, who asked of Tyson: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Showing humility, Tyson simply said: “I’m just a fan,” but confessed he held a grudge for years, initially rejecting Jackson’s invitation to meet up again.


Of course, the two would become famous friends with the heavyweight champ visiting the Neverland ranch several times. The champ told T.I that after accepting Jackson’s offer, he realised that “F*** man he’s a good guy.”

Tyson would love to have his late friend’s support now, especially with his comeback fight against fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. just over a month away.

While it was recently announced they will only face two-minute rounds, at 54 and 51 years old, it will be a fascinating contest.

While Mike definitely hasn’t lost his love for the sport, how will his body hold up? One thing is certain; it will definitely be a thriller.

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