Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: The Beast makes his sparring partner cough up blood


What’s the hardest job in the world? Being a former World’s Strongest Man’s sparring partner must be up there.

In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall lived up to his nickname yet again, even when holding back, causing his partner to cough up blood even through padding.

What has The Mountain got himself into?

In the video, Hall shows some impressive combinations in weighted gloves and clean footwork with his trainer Lyndon, but it’s when he steps into the ring with the aptly named ‘Paddy’ that things get scary. 

Working Paddy’s body and pads for three-minute rounds, it soon becomes clear that the hefty guards are no match for Hall’s fists.

The Beast even tries to remind himself between rounds to “be more gentle.” Impressively, it isn’t until the fifth round of practice that Paddy falls to the floor and starts to reveal the extent of the pummelling he has taken.

He doesn’t just sting like a bee, though, Hall can clearly float like a butterfly too, showcasing some impressive dodges and movement throughout, even when multiple rounds in.

In fact, Hall claims his fitness is his “number one tool right now” and he can “go so hard for so long.” The problem is finding someone else who can!

Despite his immense strength, Hall shows real compassion as well. As Paddy starts to cough up blood, Eddie shows genuine concern for his friend; it’s clear that team Hall are a tight knit bunch.

In an update a week on from the session, Hall confirms all is fine and Paddy himself is in good spirits, but it will be three weeks before he can get back in the ring.


In the meantime, do you fancy filling in?

This is going to be one hell of a fight.

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