WWE news: Big E reveals two former stars were considered to join 'militant' New Day stable

The New Day could have looked very different

The most shocking moment of this year's WWE Draft came when Stephanie McMahon announced The New Day were splitting up.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were traded to RAW as tag team champions, while Big E stayed on SmackDown to go it alone. 

It's fair to say fans didn't see it coming. The most popular stable in WWE has been broken up. 

So where do we go from here?

Well, it might not be a bad thing. Many expect Big E to receive a strong push as a singles competitor - one that could see him eventually challenge for the Universal Championship.

That would certainly be exciting, but we'll never forget how much fun The New Day brought as a trio. 

Their run together ends after six incredible years and 10 tag team title reigns. But it wasn't just about what they did in the ring. 

The New Day had an incredible run

Whenever Big E got on the mic to scream his classic entrance line of 'DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR!' every arena they were in went nuts. 

But it could have been very different for The New Day. In fact, two former WWE Superstars were considered to join the stable alongside E, Woods and Kingston.  

"When we started, the goal was always to be a faction. I’m not saying we were forced into being a tag-team, this weird 3 man tag-team that I’m so grateful for," Big E told the 'After The Bell' podcast.

Big E revealed all about The New Day

"But it’s interesting because thinking back to 2014, we always thought we would be a group that would always be trying to add more members.

"Looking back, I remember thinking Alicia Fox was someone we wanted to add because at the time she was doing the stuff with the tantrums.

"This was when we were more of the militant New Day. That idea was very quickly taken off TV. Get that off my TV screen while we cook up something more family-friendly." 

Fox could have been in The New Day

Big E went on to reveal that along with Fox, Damien Sandow was also touted as a potential member.  

"We never talked to them about it either, but her and Sandow, we thought would be a great addition.

"The idea was we would be a group where we would recruit. I think that would have been a lot of fun."  

Sandow could have been in The New Day

Just imagine if we had seen a more 'militant' New Day faction for their six-year run. It would have certainly been interesting, but we're very glad we got to see the fun side of the tag team instead.  

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