Newcastle: Introducing Florent Indalecio, the bricklayer signed after scoring an overhead kick

Florent Indalecio signs for Newcastle

The transfer window might now be closed but that hasn't stopped clubs from continuing with their business.

That's because if you're a free agent you can pen terms with a new team at any time. 

Brighton have already taken advantage of that situation by snapping up Danny Welbeck after he left Watford, but now Newcastle have taken the plunge.

However, their approach to adding further bodies to their ranks has been somewhat different.

They haven't targeted a household name like Jack Wilshere or Daniel Sturridge who are both available on a free. Instead, they've signed one of Allan Saint-Maximin's best friends.

The man in question happens to be Florent Indalacio. As we said, not a household name by any stretch of the imagination. 

The Frenchman is a bricklayer turned footballer and after a successful trial period, has been added to Newcastle's U23 squad.

But why was the trial period so successful? Because he scored a ridiculous overhead kick. Now, if you manage to do that while training with a Premier League club then people will take notice. 

Imagine producing a piece of skill like that and not then being signed up - you'd be gutted.

Saint-Maximin already has plenty of flair so it looks as though he's discovered a similar sort of player for his club. However, that isn't the only reason the Magpies have handed Indelacio a contract. 

Steve Bruce commented: "It certainly helps Allan, it's his mate. But make no mistake, we haven't just signed him because he's Allan's mate. He's got a bit of talent, otherwise he wouldn't be coming in."

However, at the same time, Bruce also admitted that a risk has been taken by landing Indalacio. 

"We've decided to take a bit of a gamble and see how he gets on this year. He came over for a trial with Allan in the summer. He came into the academy and they've had him for the past six weeks. He's got something," the manager admitted. 

But why is it such a gamble? Well, the attacking midfielder used to have disciplinary issues and is also trying to find his fitness after an incredibly sad health scare. 

Indalacio was booted out of the Saint Etienne academy when he was 15 because of bad behaviour and then after being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his knee, had to put football on the backburner.

Allan Saint-Maximin

A long spell of treatment and rehabilitation saw the 23-year-old get back into the game as a non-league player in France before he also spent a period in the USA. 

Most recently, the attacker played in the Australian fourth-tier while working as a bricklayer on a construction site in the process. 

This isn't your typical backstory. It's a career that so far has been plagued with setbacks. In Australia, Indalacio couldn't sign for a second-tier club because their foreign quota had already been filled. 

Fortunately, he has remained good friends with Saint-Maximin since youth level and thus, he's now playing for a Premier League club.

It's a remarkable journey, one that's so far been topped by that incredible bicycle kick he scored during a trial period. If he shows qualities like that on a regular basis, expect to hear more of him.

Even if we don't, it's a fantastic opportunity for Indalacio to get his career back on track.

Florent Indelacio

In an emotional interview, he stated: "I love football, I play with passion. If Newcastle want to sign me for free I'll play for free. It's not a problem. They will not regret signing me, because I know I will help the team and I will try to give my best."

What makes the tale even more unlikely is that he went to Australia unable to speak much of the language. "I never spoke English before - I just knew hello, how are you, thank you. And I learned English on a construction site with my boss and all the bricklayers," he said.

As a result, Newcastle will also serve as an education for Indalacio, not just as a place to hone his football skills.

More than most who come through the system, he deserves to forge something for himself. 

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