Marcus Rashford's introduction on MOTD before Man United vs Chelsea causes a stir


Marcus Rashford was trying to cap an incredible week in his young career when Manchester United took on Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the striker fired home the winner as United defeated Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

But for Rashford, this week has been about so much more than just football.

He’s campaigned to get free meals to children who need them over half term, retweeting businesses up and down the country who have offered to help.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old volunteered at a food bank in Manchester to help those in need.

Rashford has regularly been told to ‘stick to football’ - but the impact that he’s making right now in the fight against child poverty is far bigger than any he could have on the pitch.

Rashford faced Chelsea on Saturday

It was back to the day job onSaturday as the Red Devils faced Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Rashford was nearly the hero again but Edouard Mendy made a diving save to deny his late effort.


MOTD commentator stuns viewers

Rashford’s efforts away from the pitch this week made him the centre of attention during the build-up to Match of the Day’s coverage of the game on Saturday night.

Guy Mowbray was the commentator and he delivered a line that didn’t go down well with viewers.

Mowbray introduced Rashford by saying, “whether you agree with his causes or not”.

Like anyone could disagree with what Rashford is trying to achieve…

Viewers were taken aback upon hearing Mowbray’s words.

“Glad I’m not the only person that heard this and rewound it,” one viewer said.

Another simply wrote: “Speechless”.

“Dunno, feeding hungry kids seems a bit dodgy,” one fan joked.

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