UFC news: Khabib Nurmagomedov has quite the car collection after successful fighting career


Khabib Nurmagomedov called time on his MMA career on Saturday night at UFC 254. 

The 32-year-old has earned much acclaim for his 29-0 professional record over the last 12 years. His success in the UFC, though, has not just earned Khabib admiration from fight pundits. The Russian superstar has also pocketed himself a reported £23 million over his career.

From the look of his luxury car collection, "The Eagle" has certainly enjoyed spending some of his vast recent paydays. Khabib has not always enjoyed the best of luck with his cars, though - as we will discover.

Per thesun.co.uk, the UFC lightweight champion's first vehicle was far from spectacular. Growing up in Dagestan, Khabib's first car was a Lada Priora, with a value of just £2,000.

Once his career began to offer him a steady living, though, Nurmagomedov switched to a Mercedes 300E. Delivering 178 horse power and a 178 mph top speed, the car was a definite upgrade for Khabib. Unfortunately, the vehicle - valued today at £5,000 - was written off following an accident.


Fortunately for Khabib, he did not have to dig into his own pockets for his next Mercedes. Following a stellar start to his UFC career, a Russian businessman gifted Nurmagomedov a new Mercedes AMG-GT as a thank you for putting the country on the sporting map.

The £138,000 vehicle came equipped with a V8 twin-turbocharged engine.

However, this Mercedes would meet the same end as Khabib's first, when it was written off by one of his friends who drove it into a pole.

In the years that have come since, however, Khabib has been spotted driving some spectacular cars. One such vehicle is the £150,000 Ferrari California, which tops out at an impressive 193mph.

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With his UFC career in full swing, Nurmagomedov's next investment was a BMW 6 Series. So impressed was Khabib with his purchase, in fact, that he went on to buy a second one some time later. At £42,000 each, the burgeoning UFC star did not need to think twice about either purchase

Khabib's most recent acquisition is the Toyota Land Cruiser J200, which starts to retail from £65,000. The all-terrain vehicle has a 4.0 litre V6 engine and boasts a maximum of 245 horse power. 

One of the perks of his superstardom is that Nurmagomedov is actually sponsored by Toyota, suggesting that this might be far from the last of the brand's vehicles that he is spotted driving.

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Khabib is, without doubt, a humble man from modest beginnings. With that said, we can all appreciate a nice car and it seems the UFC icon is no exception.

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