Arsenal vs Leicester: Jamie Vardy has ‘chat s**t, get banged’ written on his shinpads


Jamie Vardy was only fit enough to be on the bench as Leicester travelled to Arsenal on Sunday night.

The striker, who missed the previous few matches with a calf injury, had started the season on fire with five goals in his first three matches.

He’s also scored 10 goals in 11 games against Arsenal - the club he so nearly joined back in 2016.

Vardy may have only been on the bench but that didn’t stop his name trending on Twitter.

That’s because Sky Sports cameras caught an image of his shinpads as he took his place on the bench.

Vardy has four words printed on them: ‘Chat s**t, get banged.’

This is, of course, Vardy’s infamous catchphrase.

It stems from an old Facebook post from 2011, where the former England international simply wrote: 'chat s**t get banged.'

We revealed back in 2018 about how his wife, Rebekah, revealed his new shinpads featuring his catchphrase.


And it seems, despite being almost 34 years old, Vardy is only too happy to go along with the joke.

Maybe they’re just his lucky shinpads and he can’t face getting rid of them.

Recently, Arsenal’s former transfer chief Dick Law explained just how close the club came to signing Vardy four years ago.

“The deal with Leicester was done, the deal with the player was done,” Law said. “He came down to visit with his wife Rebekah, he sat on the couch in front of Arsene… and then he backed off.


“On his way back to Leicester, I get a call from the player saying he wants to think about it overnight.

“At that point, you know it's bad news.”

Instead, Vardy stayed at Leicester where he will go down as a club legend.

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