WWE Hell in a Cell: Roman Reigns beats Jey Uso in 'I Quit' Match - it was storytelling at its finest

Reigns was incredible at WWE HIAC

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are involved in WWE's hottest storyline of the year. 

After returning to SmackDown with a new heel persona at SummerSlam, 'The Big Dog' quickly aligned himself with Paul Heyman and went on to win the Universal Championship one week later.

Since then, he's been feuding with his real-life cousin Jey and the pair had a brutal bout at Clash of Champions last month.

According to Uso himself, the storyline was originally supposed to be one and done - Reigns should have beaten his cousin and moved on to the next challenger. 

But WWE have managed to catch lightning in a bottle and this angle is far from over. In fact, after Hell in a Cell, it's only just beginning. 

Reigns beat Uso in an 'I Quit' Match on Sunday night and the bout was WWE storytelling at its finest, establishing Roman as the 'Tribal Cheif' once and for all.

The match itself was brutal, with both men going to hell and back. Reigns caught Uso with TWO spears early, but it wasn't enough to get his opponent to quit.

Jey raised the stakes by bringing a leather strap into the ring and both men swapped blows before Uso tried to choke his cousin out with it.

It wasn't enough though, with Reigns recovering to lock in his Guillotine submission to wear Jey down.

There was no coming back from that and after Roman continued to beat down his defenceless opponent, a number of officials and even Jimmy Uso entered the ring. 

Roman went crazy

But they were helpless to stop the brutality unfold and the words 'I quit' finally came out of Uso's mouth after Reigns locked the Guillotine in on the injured Jimmy - after pretending to break down.

Following their bout, Afa and Sika (The Wild Samoans) officially recognised Reigns as the leader of the tribe. 

This match, which opened Hell in a Cell, was WWE storytelling at its finest! We can't wait to see where it goes next. 

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