WWE news: Who is the greatest Grand Slam champion in the company's history?


Currently, there are 24 wrestlers in WWE history with the honour of being a Grand Slam champion.

Grand Slam champions are those wrestlers who have won four titles in their career with the company.

For the men, they will have had to win either of the main titles, either of the tag team titles and then both ‘secondary’ titles (Intercontinental & United States)

Meanwhile, the women’s criteria includes holding all main titles from RAW, SmackDown and NXT, as well as a tag team title in their career – only three have been able to complete this so far.

The latest addition to the list came last night, with Sasha Banks winning the SmackDown title at Hell in a Cell. She defeated former tag team partner Bayley in a Hell in a Cell match to be crowned champion.

As mentioned, there are 24 wrestlers in this elite list, and here is how the rankings look, but just remember, this is our opinion, you may not agree with all the choices.

But first, here is who is up for consideration and who are considered Grand Slam champions in WWE.

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(NOTE: Some names are repeated in the infographics, but that's just because WWE changed what they class as a Grand Slam champion)


24. Asuka

23. The Miz

22. Dean Ambrose

21. Christian

20. Sasha Banks


19. Kofi Kingston

18. Booker T

17. Seth Rollins

16. Kurt Angle

24-16 Summary

Unfortunately, someone in this list has to be last. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be last in this list of elite wrestlers and Asuka takes this spot. Anyone who makes this list, whether it be 24th or 1st is great, and that's why they are a Grand Slam champion in the first place. Current wrestlers including Seth Rollins and The Miz are also featured here, with both showing that there is time in their career to make their way up the rankings. Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle also features here, with his most famous title win coming in 2000, when he beat The Rock.


15. Daniel Bryan

14. JBL

13. Big Show

12. Jeff Hardy

11. Rey Mysterio

10. Rob Van Dam

9. Bayley

8. Roman Reigns


7. Eddie Guerrero

6. Kane

15-6 Summary

There are some high-flyers in this part of the rankings, who have all made their way up the throughout their career to claim all the titles needed to be crowned with the Grand Slam champion status. The seven-foot giant Big Show burst onto the scene in 1999, claiming the WWF Championship within six months of signing with the company. Current Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes a high entry, along with Bayley – the first woman to be recognised as a Grand Slam champion. ‘The Big Red Monster’ Kane also takes a high ranking as one half of ‘The Brothers of Destruction’; one of the best tag teams in WWE history. The late, great Eddie Guerrero’s shock WWE Championship win defeating Brock Lesnar also results in a high ranking.


5. Chris Jericho

4. Edge

3. Shawn Michaels

2. Randy Orton

1. Triple H


5-1 Summary

Triple H takes the number one spot. ‘The Game’ is one of the most famous WWE Superstar, and his success in the company speaks for itself. The top five are all very accomplished wrestlers and can obviously be debated – this is an elite list after all. ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton also takes a high spot in this list as he is considered amongst the best, and was a main part in the ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era of wrestling. Shawn Michaels takes a top three spot, taking part in numerous infamous matches – including all those great WrestleMania moments. ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge makes it into the top five with his successful career - four-time WWE Champion and seven-time World Champ – he deserves a high ranking amongst this list.

All 24 of the wrestlers ranked in the list can all be considered accomplished wrestlers and are amongst the best to compete in WWE.

Some of the biggest names from the company are right here and can all claim the status of Grand Slam champion and are amongst a very select and legendary group.

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