Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: How has every Premier League team done without fans?

The Premier League trophy

The last four months have been very odd for English football teams.

COVID-19 meant that football fans across England have been unable to attend games since the Premier League resumed in June.

Unfortunately, that remains the case.

It was initially hoped that supporters could return this year, with certain teams having been allowed trial games where a select number of fans could attend.

However, further plans have been scrapped and it may be a while yet until fans are back in stadiums.

Fans have had to watch games virtually in the last four months

Some football teams may be happy with that news.

Playing in front of your own fans can sometimes bring too much pressure on teams, especially if they are already not performing well.

While others thrive off the atmosphere created by supporters in a stadium.

But how has every team got on without fans?

Nick Harris of Sporting Intel has created a table showing how Premier League sides have fared in the absence of fans.

Only teams that participated in both the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons have been included.

View how every team has got on in that time period below:


Interesting stuff.

So the worst team in the league since fans have not been allowed to attend has been Sheffield United.

The Blades thrived before lockdown but their form fell off a cliff after the restart. They have also started slowly this campaign.

Leicester have also struggled massively, having missed out on a Champions League berth last season.

Arsenal have had mixed fortunes since the return of football in June, while Everton have adjusted to life without fans this season.

Chelsea, like all PL clubs, have been without fans since June

Interestingly, the fourth best team in the league since the Premier League's return has been Southampton.

They struggled massively at home last season so the team may have benefited from not playing in front of supporters.

Man United have had their fair share of problems but they've done as well as Liverpool since the restart.

But the best team in the league over the last four months have been Man City, despite being on the wrong end of some poor results to start off the 2020/21 campaign.

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