WWE news: Video emerges of Drew McIntyre stabbing Randy Orton in the eye after RAW went off air

McIntyre's brutal actions were missed by many WWE fans

Randy Orton became a 14-time world champion on Sunday night. 

The Viper beat Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell to finally get his hands on the WWE title after months of trying. 

Orton had failed to capture the belt at SummerSlam and Clash of Champions before finally tasting victory at the weekend. 

His feud with McIntyre has been violent and brutal throughout, so it was fitting that it reached a climax inside the cell. 

Well, outside of it actually. 

After brawling on the roof of the structure on Sunday night, 'The Scottish Psychopath' took a fall from the side of the cell in the biggest spot of the match, which all but ensured Orton's victory. 

Check out that moment below: 

We didn't have to wait for long for the fallout from Hell in a Cell, with both men appearing on RAW 24 hours later. 

To close the show, McIntyre ambushed Orton and the two brawled - as they have done many times before. 

But this time, we saw a more brutal side of Drew as he stabbed his rival in the eye with a pen as RAW went off the air. Check it out:

Ouch. Interestingly, that footage was not broadcast everywhere. According to the tweet above, only WWE fans in Canada saw the moment fully unfold. 

Reports suggest that the USA Network cut the feed - perhaps accidentally - before McIntyre's savage actions. 

With the two men brawling as RAW went off the air, it's clear this feud isn't done. 

Orton and McIntyre continued their brawl

However, Orton will soon have to turn his attention to Roman Reigns, with the pair set to collide in a massive match at Survivor Series next month. 

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