Boxing: Mike Tyson names where the toughest ‘mother******s’ in boxing come from


Mike Tyson has never been shy to give his opinion, has he?

The American enigma, known for his merciless approach while in the ring, has since made a career out of speaking his mind with his podcast, 'Hotboxin', rapidly becoming one of the most popular on the internet.

Following a troubled upbringing and a career that lurched from one controversy to the next, Tyson's views on life are truly unique and his following continues to grow with each and every gem of unconventional wisdom he utters.

Nowadays, when Tyson speaks, people sit up and listen.

So it might have come as a bit of a surprise to some when, on a recent podcast, Tyson laid into the toughness of American fighters, unapologetically comparing them to fighters produced on English shores.

Tyson pulled no proverbial punches as he embarked on his mini-rant, stating:

"We in America don't have nothing on toughness when it comes to the English. We might be better fighters, but pure toughness.

"There's a bunch of English motherf*****s that are f***ing fighters. They don't give a f*** if they get knocked out cold."

Well said, Mike.

If you were to think of the likes of Tyson Fury or even Ricky Hatton, you see the point Tyson is trying to make.


Fury has shown time and time again that he is one of the toughest men alive, hauling himself back from the brink of suicide to become a world champion heavyweight.

Hatton's career may have tailed off towards the end, but by no means would you ever describe the man as being soft.

American fighters might have more skill, but, as Mike has said, pale in comparison to the raw toughness bred into an English fighter.

Tyson himself will have the opportunity to show just how tough he is next month when he takes on Roy Jones Jr. in a massive exhibition fight.

Tyson has looked fierce in training and is determined to take the boxing world by storm once again.
It promises to be quite a night.

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