Mike Tyson ‘weighs the same as he did at 18’ as he prepares for Roy Jones fight


Mike Tyson recently revealed that he is at his lowest weight since he was 18 as Roy Jones Jr labelled Tyson and himself as “freaks”.

These two boxing legends will temporarily come out of retirement on November 28 for an eight-round exhibition fight against one another.

This comes a whole 15 years after 'Iron Mike' quit boxing following two defeats against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride respectively.

The former heavyweight champion firmly believes that he has rolled back the years, as he weighs the same as he did for his debut at 15st 2lbs.

Tyson stated:

"The last time I was this weight was 17 or 18 years old.

“I’m really happy with everything I’ve been doing, it’s down to confidence and self affirmation.

“It’s amazing, I’m just ready to do this. I can’t explain it in words.

“I’m going to go as long as this is working. My legend is going to be that I gave a lot more than I took.”

Tyson came in at 16.6st in his last bout against McBride back in 2005.

However, he has undergone a huge body transformation since then, which was for all to see in the video of him on the pads.

Jones, 51, who retired only 2 years ago, was left shocked by Tyson’s power and agility from the clips he saw.


Jones said: “I think he looked awesome. He looked very good. I was really proud to see him bounce back the way he did.

"Most guys, at 54, they start counting themselves out. When I came in at 32 years old, you are considered an old guy.

"You couldn’t box anymore. Now to see Mike hit the body bag like that, the way he is doing it. It’s phenomenal. It’s crazy. We are freaks."

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