Boxing: Deontay Wilder's list of excuses since loss to Tyson Fury is embarrassing


Deontay Wilder blames everyone and everything for his defeat to ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury – everything but himself.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ was defeated by Fury last February via a shock seventh-round stoppage in their rematch.

Wilder, rather than admit defeat, has simply passed the blame onto everything but himself; the list of excuses has most certainly grown since the abandoned possibility of a potential trilogy fight between the pair, and we have them here, ready for you to examine for yourself.

1. Wilder claims his water was ‘spiked’

Throughout the rematch, it was evident Wilder was not his usual aggressive and devastating self, however, it seems unanimous that this was due to the sheer brilliance of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, not because Wilder’s water was ‘spiked’…

Wilder made the claim that his pre-fight drinks were somehow ‘spiked’ and that this resulted in his ability to perform to be hindered. Wilder has gone on record as saying:

“About 15 minutes before going out to the fight, warming up on the mitts, it was perfect, I felt great,” he said.

“Until I went to the ring… that transformation, I was drinking certain water and stuff, trying to keep myself hydrated.

“I just start feeling weird. My water was spiked as if I took a muscle relaxer or something like that.
“After a fight is over with and it don’t go in your favour, you’re always looking for what happened.

“Certain things, the atmosphere just didn’t seem right. It felt like something was about to go down, and not in my favour.

It wasn’t just the suit; my water was tampered with.

“This feeling here, it was a different feeling. It was like I had no control over my body, my legs was weak and stuff like that.”

“Despite these remarks, it must be duly noted that it took Wilder nine months to come out with this.

2. His outfit was too heavy.

Barely hours had gone by after Wilder’s defeat to Fury and the 6-foot 7-inch heavyweight claimed that his outfit was too heavy, this, in effect, weakened his legs whilst making his entrance to the ring. Wilder states:


“He didn’t hurt me at all, but the simple fact is… that my uniform was way too heavy for me,” he said.

I didn’t have no legs from the beginning of the fight. In the third round, my legs were just shot all the way through.

“I was only able to put it on [for the first time] the night before, but I didn’t think it was going to be that heavy.

“It weighed 40lb with the helmet and all the batteries. I wanted my tribute to be great for Black History Month. I wanted it to be good and I guess I put that before anything.


“I wear a 45lb vest during all my exercises and everything that I do, to have that extra weight on me.” he said.

Make of this what you will but this hasn’t been the first time this excuse has been made by a professional heavyweight boxer; truth be told.

3. Wilder’s Trainer.

Wilder even heaped blame onto his trainer Mark Breland after throwing in the towel in the seventh round.


It must be understood that if it wasn’t for the fact Breland threw in the towel when he did, Wilder could have been seriously injured due to the barrage of unanswered punches, as well as humiliated with, what could have been, a hefty knockout.

4. Wilder thinks Fury cheated.

Bearing in mind, eight months had passed before Wilder decided to utilize this one…

“In the first fight when Ricky Hatton was pulling down your gloves to put your fists in an improper position,” he rambled.

“You all tried the same method the second fight but but this time you scratched flesh out of my ears which caused them to bleed.


“I highly believe you put something hard in your glove, something the shape and size of an egg.

“The reason why the side of head swelled up in the shape of an egg and left a dent in my head.”

Right, so Wilder obviously thought Fury cheated, however, didn’t come to this conclusion until eight months down the line, and, despite Fury and his team consistently denying any wrongdoing, Wilder still plays up the notion that Fury cheated to win.

One can assume, not many fans are buying this one.

5. The referee.

Kenny Bayless is the next one on Wilder’s hitlist. Wilder has claimed that Bayless was biased towards Fury throughout the fight and went on and said:


“Bayless had come in my dressing room, looked me in my eyes and said if I hit Fury in the back of the head – a rabbit punch – or hit off of the break, he would disqualify me or deduct two points from me,” he said.

“I guess those rules just applied to me because they didn’t apply to my opponent. He hit me in the back of the neck and the head all night and Bayless didn’t do anything about it, to the point I got lumps and bruises. That was a thing that was very frustrating to me.”

Not buying this one either?


How about this one…

6. Injury.

To be fair, this one may be the only one to gain any traction, Wilder claims to have hurt his left bicep at some point during the fight which later required surgery and rendered him unable to train for several months.
This being said, at no point was it evident that Wilder was in any discomfort throughout the fight.

Hmmm, not sure about that last one, the myriad of excuses preceding that one, however, leaves a lot to be desired…

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