Boxing: Tyson Fury ripped into by Wladimir Klitschko in explosive rant on Twitter

Tyson Fury v Wladimir Klitschko

Fury famously beat Wladimir in Dusseldorf in November 2015 with Wladimir’s 12 year reign as heavyweight champion of the world coming to an end.

A contracted rematch never took place between the two after Fury relinquished his titles citing a number of struggles that contributed to his downfall in boxing.

The Gypsy King now has the WBC belt to his name but still continues to goad his former rival.

Fury tweeted the WBC earlier this week about Wladimir’s brother Vitali stating that: “Would have loved to kick his ass also.”

Wladimir was having none of it and decided to hit back at the Gypsy King bringing up his past substance abuse and controversial statements saying:

“Fans, sadly it appears Tyson Fury is abusing substances again. History shows he goes off the deep end with irrational, sexist, racial, statements.

“Truth is Klitschko and ass kick is fantasy for him. Klitschko and run, ran, or dodged the rematch is more accurate.

“Just say no, pal.”

When Fury and Klitschko met in 2015, there was many pre-fight antics that occurred such as Fury dressing up as Batman in one of the press conferences.

And in the week of the fight, Fury was unhappy with how the Klitschko camp behaved. Fury stated that whilst Wladimir was a great champion, he had no respect for him as a person before going on to brand him a cheater.

Fury also claims that Klitschko’s team had tampered with the weighing scales saying:

“Even the week of the fight, they messed around with the weigh-in scales to start with. They said I weighed 17st 9lbs – I’ve not been 17st 9lbs since I was about ten years old.


“It was another mind game because you think you’ve lost a stone in weight. I said to him across the weigh-in, ‘You’ve rigged the scales, while you’re at it you can take them heels out of your shoes as well.”

When the big day arrived, the ring canvas took centre of attention with Fury stating that he wasn’t happy with it.

“Then, the day of the fight, I go down to the venue like I do every time, to check the venue out and check the ring out. I get in the ring and there’s ten inches of foam in this ring. It was like a memory foam mattress.


“I got on it and I said to my dad and my uncle Peter, ‘I cannot fight in this ring.’ I felt like I was on the moon. “It’s energy sapping and the thing is that I’m a mover, so he wanted to take the legs away.”

Vitali made the decision to take the foam out much to his brothers camp annoyance.

Fury also confirmed that there was a problem with the gloves:

“And then there was the problem with the gloves. In a world title fight as the mandatory challenger you can pick your gloves, whatever you wanna wear.


“The gloves I ordered were puncher’s gloves and the gloves they gave me were like two big cushions.

“They said, ‘These are the gloves we have, take them or leave them.’I said, ‘You know what, give me the gloves, I’m not bothered about the gloves.’

Fury strongly believes that Klitschko was a beaten man when he came into the ring that night admitting he had “the face of a loser.”

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