Tottenham's Harry Kane subject of 'The Cheat' video after incidents vs Brighton

Was this a foul by Adam Lallana on Harry Kane?

Is Harry Kane a diver?

It's a question that's been brought up countless times over the past few years and the Tottenham striker certainly doesn't help himself in this respect.

Kane is a world-class goal scorer and an incredible player, but all too often he appears to go down easily to try and win a penalty or a free-kick.

Last night in Spurs' 2-1 win over Brighton, the 27-year-old was involved in two separate incidents of what could be labelled as 'cheating'.

The first saw Kane appear to back into Adam Lallana while the Brighton midfielder was jumping for the ball, the Spurs striker then collapsing to the turf in theatrical fashion and winning a penalty.

The general consensus in the aftermath has been that it was arguably a foul by Kane.

The second incident came later in the match, when the England captain and Heung-min Son both dived within the space of 10 seconds.

As we said previously, Kane doesn't help himself.

The majority of the Tottenham striker's work on the pitch is excellent and he's a real role model off of it, so why does he have to try and con the officials on a regular basis?

It's immensely frustrating and a player of Kane's stature should not be the subject of a compilation video entitled 'The Cheat'.

But that's exactly what's happened and you can view the compilation below.

Harry Kane - The Cheat

Now, in the majority of incidents within the video, there is contact made by an opposing player on Kane.

However, it's the way the Englishman manipulates his body to exaggerate it and it's a part of the game that's sadly becoming more common.

Kane is far from the only player to do this. Mohamed Salah, Jamie Vardy, Jack Grealish, Bruno Fernandes and many more top players are guilty of replicating this form of cheating.

But Kane is one of the worst offenders and a player of his ilk - one who is also captain of his country - needs to start setting a better example.

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