Mohamed Salah, Steven Gerrard, Ian Rush: Who has scored 100 goals for Liverpool?

  • Kobe Tong

Mohamed Salah doesn't get the credit he deserves at Liverpool.

There might well be plenty of Reds fans who get frustrated with the Egyptian's apparent selfishness, but you can't ignore the statistics and Salah has been nothing short of a phenomenon in England.

Salah recently entered the history books with his 100th goal for the Anfield club and the situation couldn't have been more apt with a strike in the Merseyside Derby securing his centurion status.

Salah surpasses 100 Liverpool goals

That's not to mention the fact he won the Premier League Golden Boot in his first two full seasons in the competition and although he missed out last year, he had the title to console himself with.

It means that Salah's name features alongside legends such as Kenny Dalglish, Michael Owen and Ian Rush as one of Liverpool's greatest ever goalscorers.

Frankly, it's an astonishing feat for somebody who only signed for the club in 2017 and you can fully expect him to push towards that second century as he continues to thrive under Jurgen Klopp.


Salah's incredible scoring record

In fact, we couldn't help wondering just how much of an impact Salah has made on Merseyside compared to his striking forebearers who regularly scored in the famous red jersey.

As a result, we used Liverpool's official website to isolate the 17 players who have notched 100 goals for the club and decided to rank them by their goal-per-game statistics.

While there's most certainly no perfect metric by which to rank goalscorers, we think it's pretty close to the ideal and besides, minutes played statistics aren't available for some of the older players.


Liverpool's 100-goal club ranked

So, without further ado, let's indulge in the underrated greatness of Salah by seeing how he shapes up when rubbing shoulders with the most lethal forwards Anfield has ever seen.

17. Steven Gerrard - 0.26

Goals: 186

Appearances: 710

Finishing bottom in these rankings is hardly a criticism and it's remarkable that Gerrard almost reached a double-century of goals for Liverpool despite playing the majority of his career in midfield.


16. John Barnes - 0.27

Goals: 108

Appearances: 407

Similarly, this is no slight on Barnes because he's one of the most technically gifted footballers to ever play for the Reds and over 100 goals from out wide is certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

15. Ian St John - 0.28

Goals: 118

Appearances: 425

A Scottish forward with two league titles during his time on Merseyside, St John carried over the goal-scoring form he showed with Motherwell across more than 300 appearances for Liverpool.


14. Kevin Keegan - 0.31

Goals: 100

Appearances: 323

Squeezing his way onto the list, Keegan is another player who was by no means an out-and-out goalscorer, but that didn't stop the Ballon d'Or winner from notching two 20-goal seasons at Anfield.

13. Kenny Dalglish - 0.33

Goals: 172

Appearances: 515

It's rare that you ever see Dalgish sitting as low as 14th when Liverpool legends are ranked and trust me when I say 'King Kenny' would be in second place at worst if this was for overall performances.


12. Jack Balmer - 0.36

Goals: 110

Appearances: 309

If it wasn't for the Second World War pumping the brakes on Balmer's time with Liverpool, the one-club man - who captained the Reds in 1947 - would have racked up far more than 110 strikes.

11. Billy Liddell - 0.43

Goals: 228

Appearances: 534

There are no two ways about it: Liddell is both a Liverpool and Scottish hero, finishing his career as the Reds' all-time record goalscorer and his remarkable record still sees him place in an impressive fourth. 


10. Dick Forshaw - 0.43

Goals: 123

Appearances: 288

Not a name that will be familiar to modern fans with Forshaw plying his trade at both Liverpool and Everton between the two World Wars, enjoying far more success on the red side of Stanley Park.

9. Harry Chambers - 0.45

Goals: 151

Appearances: 339

The guns of the Great War were still firing when Chambers pulled on a Liverpool jersey for the first time and 13 years later, he waved goodbye to the club with a century and a half of goals to his name.


8. Robbie Fowler - 0.50

Goals: 183

Appearances: 369

Ah, 'God' himself. It's easy to forget just how insanely prolific Fowler was for Liverpool when he first burst onto the scene and his lukewarm return under Rafa Benitez hardly dilutes these fantastic statistics.

7. Ian Rush - 0.52

Goals: 346

Appearances: 660

Being Liverpool's all-time record goalscorer doesn't necessarily mean you're the club's most lethal forward but come along, bagging almost 350 goals for the Reds is surely a feat that will never be topped.


6. Michael Owen - 0.53

Goals: 158

Appearances: 297

Boo all you like, but the fact of the matter is that Owen was world-class in a Liverpool jersey - the guy won a Ballon d'Or, lest we forget - and he could well have finished top if it wasn't for injuries.

5. Sam Raybould - 0.55

Goals: 130

Appearances: 226

The oldest name on the entire list. Queen Victoria was still on the throne when Raybould made his Liverpool debut, though it only took the Derbyshire-born forward seven years to enter the 100-club. 

4. Roger Hunt - 0.58

Goals: 285

Appearances: 492

What an absolute icon. Not only does Hunt boast a goal-scoring record for Liverpool that only Rush himself can beat, but the Reds legend led the line with Sir Geoff Hurst during the 1966 World Cup final.


3. Jack Parkinson - 0.58

Goals: 128

Appearances: 219

Despite swapping football for running a newsagent in 1914 - yes, you read that right - Parkinson still has a deep connection to Liverpool by way of being the great grandfather of the club's current Operations Director.

2. Mohamed Salah - 0.63

Goals: 102

Appearances: 163

Can there be any better evidence of Salah's greatness at Liverpool than commanding a goal-per-game ratio that ousts Rush, Hunt, Fowler, Owen, Dalglish and Keegan? Not a chance. Insane.


1. Gordon Hodgson - 0.64

Goals: 241

Appearances: 377

Well, at least one Hodgson has done a decent job at Liverpool over the years.

What makes Hodgson's achievements for Liverpool so impressive between 1925 and 1936 isn't that he remains the club's fourth-highest scorer or their most lethal, but that he did so while playing county cricket on the side.


Incredible result for Salah

No disrespect to Hodgson, because there's no denying he's a Liverpool legend, but Salah might as well be the unofficial victor here by way of playing in the modern game as opposed to the 1920s and 1930s.

The fact we're spanning over a century of stats underlines just how difficult it is to compare eras, but we'll hedge our bets that the elite, contemporary version of the game is comfortably tougher.

And besides, even when Liverpool weren't running away with the title, Salah was still breaking the record for the most goals in a 38-game season and all while only scoring a single penalty. 


So, say what you like about Salah and there are plenty of Liverpool fans with legitimate criticisms, but there's only so much you can argue with data that puts him amongst the club's greatest ever.

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