Cristiano Ronaldo video shows he was guilty of the same lack of effort as Lionel Messi


Andrea Pirlo wasn't overly happy with his Juventus players despite a 4-1 win over Ferencvaros in the Champions League. 

A brace from Alvaro Morata and a goal from Paulo Dybala steered the Bianconeri into a comfortable lead, before Lasha Dvali put the ball into his own net. 

The hosts hit back through Franck Boli late on, but it proved nothing more than a consolation. 

"I am satisfied with the result, but we could have done much better in terms of the game," Pirlo told Sky Sports, per The Sun. 

"We made many superficial mistakes … it was important to get a result, but obviously we need to improve. I am someone who talks a lot with the players, then they go on the pitch and the choices are theirs.

"But it is important that these choices are right: we need to be less selfish and close games earlier."

Pirlo was a perfectionist on the pitch and it's no surprise that he expects the same high standards of his subordinates on it. 

Messi slammed for his 'defending'

That leads us to a clip of Cristiano Ronaldo which began doing the rounds on social media. But before we go any further, remember this video of Lionel Messi against Dynamo Kyiv? 

Messi was slated for his apparent lack of effort and failure to track back. 

The Argentine is particularly susceptible to such criticism because he made it so apparent that he wanted to leave Camp Nou this summer. 

Any sign that he isn't giving 100% is going to be seized upon - but fortunately, he has a legion of fans behind him who have pointed out he isn't the only one guilty of easing up. 

Ronaldo's 'pressing' vs Ferencvaros 

Over on Twitter, @Anmol_AT10 - whose bio identifies him as a Messi fan - has shared a video of his eternal nemesis during Juventus' win. It's ironically titled 'Cristiano Ronaldo - The King of Pressing'. 

Don't put yourself out, Cristiano. 

Now in the Portuguese's defence, he has recently recovered from coronavirus and this was his first Champions League game since making his return.

It's understandable if he was lacking stamina towards the end. 

Juventus were also cruising having scored four goals. Messi, on the other hand, should have been working hard as Barcelona only had a one-goal lead. 

Ronaldo also set up Morata's second goal with an impressive cross.

Clips on social media can often be taken out of context, so it's important to remember that neither player's night can really be judged by these little snippets. 

That won't stop Messi fans making the point, though. 

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