Boxing: 'Fight Night' may have finally been replaced after incredible screenshots for new game emerge


As boxing continues to roll through arguably its golden era, it has lacked a true champion in the gaming arena. 

That, however, could be about to change.

After weeks of teases and hints, eSports Boxing Club's latest footage and screenshots look absolutely knockout.

Since the 'Fight Night' series of games were brought to a halt in 2011, fans have been crying out for a next-gen fight sim. 

Produced by Sheffield-based Steel City Interactive, next year's upcoming release looks like it might just be about to grant their wishes.

What's more, the pixel-perfect, yet gritty quality of fighters included, look as good as the real thing.

As ESBC released its latest details on Thursday, Steel City were all too happy in boasting the game's look.

"Yes, they are real", the company confirmed. "We can confirm these screenshots are real"

Though the sim doesn't yet have a full roster announced, British legends Ricky Hatton and Frank Bruno will be included, as well as unbeaten light-welterweight world champion Josh Taylor, and Conor Benn.

Perhaps more importantly, however, Steel City say they remain focussed on the boxing side itself, with each punch feeling as though the gamer has either thrown or taken the hit themselves.

As Ash Habib told Sportsgamersonline, whilst the game is set to include a typical career mode, every detail will come into play, including managing injuries, whilst choosing your staff could hinder or improve recovery.

Though the emphasis will be on 'the long haul', ESBC will also make gameplay appealing to both hardcore and casual gamers alike.

Boxing fans are abuzz:

Comments on social media described taking "the boxing game to a whole new level", it's "unreal" quality as well as containing "mind-blowing graphics".

A number of fans also commented they want "all the small details covered".

With the game set to release early in 2021, early access could launch around Christmas time.

Though there are more stages left in the game's final completion, early signs are that eSports Boxing Club really could deliver a one-two punch.

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