Arsenal: The streets won’t forget when Theo Walcott was one of the best wingers in the world

Theo Walcott was incredible during 2012/13

Theo Walcott's Arsenal career was sadly hampered by serious injury.

Had the former Arsenal winger not injured his knee in a horrendous manner against Tottenham in early 2014, who knows what he would have achieved both Arsenal and on the international stage.

Sadly, many pundits and fans alike seem to judge Walcott based on his erratic performances after returning from his injury lay-off - one which cost him a place in England's 2014 World Cup squad.

But luckily, there are a select few who remember Theodore's unquestionable brilliance prior to that fateful moment against Spurs.

So for this week's edition of 'The Streets Won't Forget', we're going to revisit the 2012/13 season, where Walcott was quite simply the best winger in the Premier League.

Walcott vs Newcastle

The guy was incredible, a cocktail of uncontrollable pace, creativity and composure in front of goal, the now 31-year-old was on the path to superstardom that campaign.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit Walcott's highlights from 2012/13, a season in which he filled the void left by Robin van Persie with distinction.

Walcott's world-class 2012/13 season

Walcott in action

First of all, we need to give you the numbers, the statistical proof of Walcott's brilliance.

In his 32 Premier League games in 2012/13, the flying winger scored 14 goals and contributed with 12 assists, a goal contribution every 88 minutes, per Transfermarkt.

Five of those contributions came in what is still one of the most electrifying one-man performances the Emirates Stadium has seen in its short history.

During Arsenal's iconic 7-3 win against Newcastle, Walcott scored a hat-trick and provided two assists. His solo goal from that day, where he actually fell over and still kept the ball, is mesmerising to watch to this very day.

Walcott vs Newcastle

You just couldn't stop Walcott in 2012/13. He was a force of nature that only a man with cheetah-like pace could attempt to stop.

A lazy analogy of Walcott is that he never possessed a 'footballing brain', but how could a player in that category produce a performance even close to the Englishman's masterpiece against Newcastle?

It just doesn't add up and what is more, Walcott delivered against the very best the Premier League had to offer in 2012/13.

He scored goals against Tottenham, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, strikes you can watch for yourself in the video compilation below.

Walcott's 2012/13 highlights

One of the best seasons by a winger in Premier League history, of that there can be no doubt whatsoever.

Walcott finished his Arsenal career with 108 goals and 78 assists to his name in just 398 appearances in all competitions.

He averaged a goal contribution every 2.13 games for the Gunners, a pretty ridiculous return given that he was signed by the club from Southampton as a 16-year-old.

The disrespect he receives from some is criminal, but don't worry Theo, the streets have got your back!

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