World's toughest golf hole: Only 14 people have ever scored a birdie on 395-yard par 3


If you fancy a challenge, two hours out of Johannesburg, at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory, lies one of golf's most challenging holes - a 395-yard par-3, nicknamed 'Extreme 19th'.

The hole has a host of features which add to its extremity, not least of all the resemblance that the shape of the green has to the African continent. 

The tee can only be accessed via helicopter, yes you read that right, with the distance so severe you'll need to wait a full 20 seconds before your ball will hit the green.

At an incredible 400 metres high and 395 yards long, however, hitting the green in one is no mean feat. 

The spectacular hole is the brainchild of a number of famous golfers, including the likes of Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Ryder Cup legend Colin Montgomerie.

Padraig Harrington, a two-time winner of The Open, played a role in its creation as well and the Irishman made history when he became the first player to score three on the hole. 

Several high-profile names have found success on the hole, with Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and actor Morgan Freeman both managing par. 14 players have bettered Montgomerie by one, however, including cricket all-rounder Franklyn Stephenson. 

While the hole itself poses a remarkable challenge, golfers have been given a helping hand by Polara Golf. The company has developed shallow and deep dimples, which reduces drag and lowers the lift, while evening out the weight distribution. 

One of the exampled benefits is the difference in a sliced ball. Another ball, when sliced, may travel 100 feet, whereas this one will only slice 25 feet. 

If you're a player who typically loses a ball or several during a round of golf, you may want to stock up on Polara's ball before you jet off to Johannesburg!

It's safe to say we won't see any holes this difficult this week in Augusta for The Masters.

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