FIFA 21: Erling Haaland's Ultimate Team is absolutely ridiculous

Erling Haaland in action for Dortmund

Erling Haaland has enjoyed a rapid rise in the footballing world - and his rating on FIFA 21 shows it.

On FIFA 20, he was a little known striker playing for RB Salzburg with a 73 rating.

After scoring 44 goals in 40 games last season for Salzburg and Dortmund, Haaland was given an 84 rating for FIFA 21.

He has already been given an 'in-form' on this year's game, taking his rating to an 86.

The 20-year-old, who is an ambassador for FIFA 21, appears to have a quite ridiculous Ultimate Team.

Erling Haaland in action for Dortmund

Reddit user u/Exact-Ad-744 has posted Haaland's side on the platform. You can view it below:

GK: Lev Yashin (91) - Icon

LB: Roberto Carlos (88) - Icon

CB: Sol Campbell (87) - Icon

CB: Paolo Maldini (92) - Icon

RB: Gianluca Zambrotta (86) - Icon

Ronaldo features in Haaland's Ultimate Team

CDM: Ruud Gullit (90) - Icon

CDM: Patrick Vieira (88) - Icon

CAM: Diego Maradona (95) - Icon

CAM: Eric Cantona (90) - Icon

ST: Erling Haaland (99) - Personal player card

ST: Ronaldo (94) - Icon


Now that team is absolutely laughable. Just imagine how you would feel when you see that team going into a game of FUT Champions. I would leave straight away.

If you somehow manage to get past Campbell and Maldini, it would be a near impossible task to beat Yashin.

Vieira and Gullit are perhaps the scariest midfield partnership you can possibly get on the game.

It would be an extremely tough task to get Maradona off the ball, and him providing service for a 99-rated Haaland and Ronaldo up front if quite simply frightening.

It doesn't appear that the Norwegian is as good at the game as his team is, however.

Twitter user @alexjstep claimed to have played Haaland on the weekend, with the Dortmund star 'rage quitting' after going 4-2 down.

It just goes to show that having an unbelievable team isn't everything on FIFA.

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