Mike Tyson: Legendary boxer used to use a fake penis and baby's urine to pass drug tests


We are now under three weeks away from Mike Tyson's return to the boxing ring.

More than 15 years after he ended his professional career, the 54-year-old will face fellow legend Roy Jones Jr in an eight-round exhibition bout on November 28.

Whilst the contest itself is being billed as an exhibition, there has certainly been nothing dull about the build-up to the event. Both men recently vowed at a pre-bout press conference that they were "coming to fight" - in response to suggestions that the pair would meet in little more than a glorified sparring contest.

In addition to preparing for his fight with Jones, Tyson also appears on his own podcast "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson". Iron Mike is known to recount tales from his boxing career on the show and recently revealed that he used his child's urine, together with a fake penis, in order to pass drug tests in his prime.

An admitted user of both cocaine and marijuana both before and during his days as an active fighter, Tyson openly spoke about employing the device - known as a "whizzinator" - to avoid detection. 

"It was awesome, man, I put my baby's urine in it," explained Tyson per thesun.co.uk. However, Tyson also admitted that he was forced to make the switch to infant urine - having previously used that of his wife.

"One time I was using my wife's and my wife was like 'Baby you better hope that it not come back pregnant or something'." Tyson, not wanting to run that risk, swiftly made a decision.


"I said 'we ain't going to use you any more, we're going to use the kid', because I got scared that the p*** might come back pregnant."

Tyson also stated that the whizzinator device was "a brown one" - and speculated that he was able to pull off the scam because drug testers were afraid to look at him whilst he was taking the test. 

The heavyweight icon revealed that he had employed the device in order to pass the required drug tests for his July 2000 bout with Lou Savarese in Scotland, which Tyson won by stoppage in just 38 seconds.

Tyson, though, infamously suffered a number of embarrassing knockout defeats late in his career and accepted that his drug use at the time was a contributing factor in these losses. "I was a full-blown cokehead," conceded Tyson. 


Tyson has certainly put in the hours in the gym for his upcoming bout with Jones, as he looks in phenomenal condition for an athlete his age.

In reality, Tyson largely took those final few fights of his professional career because he needed the money.

In the case of his upcoming fight with Jones, however, Tyson has demonstrated a real hunger to compete. Although unique in its circumstances, the bout is definitely an intriguing one.

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