FIFA 21: Phil Foden's Ultimate Team has emerged and it's frighteningly good

Phil Foden in action for Man City

It's been a busy season so far for footballers around the world.

Due to starting the 2020/21 campaign late due to COVID-19, footballers are expected to play two or three times every week.

In order to perform at their very best, clubs expect their players to rest and stay at home during their time off.

That means FIFA 21 is very popular among footballers.

Footballers are given a 99-rated Ultimate Team card as a way of encouraging them to play the game.

Phil Foden in action for Man City

If you ever come up against a blue 99-rated card, it means you are playing the real player.

Erling Haaland's FIFA 21 Ultimate Team emerged earlier this week and it was absolutely ridiculous.

And now Phil Foden's has been discovered after a FIFA player was matched up against him on FUT Champions.

His team isn't a good as Haaland's, but it's still absolutely frightening. It was posted on Reddit by u/SenseiMethy and you can view it below:

GK: Ederson - 89 (In-form)

LB: Roberto Carlos - 88 (Icon)

CB: Joe Gomez - 85 (In-form)

Joe Gomez in action for Liverpool

CB: Paolo Maldini - 92 (Icon)

RB: Carlos Alberto - 90 (Icon)

CDM: Ruud Gullit - 90 (Icon)

LM: Neymar - 91

RM: Eric Cantona - 90 (Icon)

CAM: Ronaldo - 94 (Icon)

ST: Pele - 95 (Icon)

ST: Phil Foden - 99 (Player card)

Phil Foden's Ultimate Team

That's a very solid team. You wouldn't be very happy to see that on the loading screen going into a match, that's for sure.

That defence is very, very strong. 

Gomez could be considered the weak-link in the team, but that just goes to show how good it is in other areas.

The only issue we have with it is sticking Cantona out at right midfield.

The Frenchman has unbelievable stats but we don't think he is being best utilised being pushed out to the wing. 

For someone who clearly doesn't have any problem getting coins, he is better placed looking at other options.

That front three is just scary. It's funny that Foden has obviously realised how good his card is so he's just stuck himself up front.

Pep Guardiola may have something to say about his team, though, given he has Zinedine Zidane as his manager.

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