WWE news: Sami Zayn recalls moment he got The Undertaker 'fired up' backstage in NXT


At Survivor Series, WWE will celebrate The Undertaker's 30th anniversary. 

It's incredible to think that The Deadman has been a wrestling icon for three decades now. In fact, there are very few in the business that will ever match his legacy in the squared circle. 

He'll be making an appearance at the PPV on November 22 and it will be the first time we've seen 'Taker since WrestleMania 36.    

Naturally, WWE are doing everything they can to build excitement for his return and that includes releasing a number of Network specials around The Phenom.

A number of superstars have also been chatting all things Undertaker and earlier this week, Sami Zayn opened up about the time he got The Deadman 'fired up' backstage in NXT. 

He told BT Sport: 

"The first memory I have of really interacting with [Undertaker] was actually at NXT in late 2014, right before I was going to wrestle Neville for the NXT Championship.

"That story had a pretty good build-up. The last episode of TV before the match, I cut this really impassioned promo - which I still think is one of my better promos as a good guy. 

"So we had this heated back and forth talking segment where I slap [Neville] in the face. It was really good. 

"When I got backstage, The Undertaker was really fired up. He was like 'THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT! THAT'S HOW YOU SELL TICKETS! THAT WAS A MONEY PROMO!'" 

Zayn went on to explain how much that praise meant to him as an up and coming WWE Superstar. 

"The Undertaker is The Undertaker. The fact he was even at NXT was sort of like: 'The Undertaker is here!'

"So for The Undertaker to be backstage as soon as we walked through the curtain - and to be fired up about how good our work was pretty amazing. 

I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about that now. It was really special.

Check out the full clip of Zayn discussing The Undertaker below:

Absolutely brilliant. 

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