Mike Tyson calls himself 'the greatest fighter since the conception of God' in ominous training clip


Failure is not an option for Mike Tyson, and, based on the training video that was just posted, fans can begin to get very excited to see 'Iron Mike' back in the ring.

With Tyson’s comeback just over two weeks away, both him and his opponent, who have a combined age of 105, have been gearing up for one of the most anticipated matchups of 2020.

New Tyson training footage shows Iron Mike looking sharp through a series of quick combos, showing that age is just a number for the 54 year old boxing legend.

He also claimed that he is as lean and mean since his professional debut at 18 years of age.

Tyson also speaks over the training footage, saying: “Anything I do, I put so much into it.

"If I fail, I'm going to die. How many people do that? That's what I like to do. I go all out. I play for keeps.

You know, I'm the greatest fighter since the conception of God.

"How could I not take this opportunity up? I'm fighting Roy Jones Jr, do not miss it. I'm back.”


A rejuvenated Iron Mike has seemingly injected fear into Jones Jr., with Tyson’s 51 year old opponent shockingly claiming that “death is a possibility” when the two square off on November 28th.

Rafael Cordeiro, Tyson’s trainer, also attests to how dangerous Tyson is, insisting that he could kill someone even at the age of 54.

When speaking to The Sun, Cordeiro said: “When you talk about power, I held his right hook and thought he is going to kill somebody.”

It’s only an exhibition match, but Tyson is treating it like much more than that, and fans are all here for it.

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