WWE news: Ex-Superstar Ryback has turned vegan and he's looking incredible

  • Tom Kelly

Former WWE wrestler Ryback has shown off his new shredded physique on social media, as he boasts about his new seven-week vegan diet. 

For many gym goers, an almost religious diet of chicken and rice is synonymous with building and maintaining muscle.

However, Ryback has recently proven that this out-dated concept is no longer the way forward. 

The retired wrestler has recently switched lanes from WWE to the world of fitness by launching his own business venture which provides premium supplements by the name of ‘Feed Me More’. 

In addition to this, much like many ex-professional athletes, he also had a podcast – obviously.

However, what makes The Big Man’s fitness routine slightly unique is that both the supplements he provides and his personal diet are 100% vegan. 

The former wrestler, who described himself as the “300-pound vegan”, discusses how he made the transformation from an avid meat eater to a dedicated vegan. 

“I already ate a lot of vegetables, my main thing was that I never really looked at how I could replace or cut down on animal protein,” Ryback explained. 

“All I had to do was switch out my meats, I was already halfway vegan without knowing it!” 

He later added: “I said, ‘you know what? I’m going to try this’ and I look better and I’m stronger than I’ve been.”

Ryback further supported that statement in his recent message to his Twitter followers, by saying: “Seven weeks vegan and my body weight is 292 lbs. I just keep seeing improvements and energy increasing even more,” the former wrestler says whilst displaying his chistled abdominals. 


Furthermore, this doesn’t seem to be just a dietary phase for The Big Man, as Ryback has continuously preached veganism on his personal social media, and based on his current physique, the diet is clearly working for him. 

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