FIFA 21: Professional players have given seven tips to help dominate on this year's game


The game’s been out for just over a month now, and we can already predict a good number of controllers have already been broken as a result of classic FIFA rage.

The aggression that comes with the game has greatly consumed players over the years, yet we always find ourselves at our local video game store in late September of every year ready to purchase the latest edition.

The big question, as is with the release of every new instalment of FIFA, is how to get the better of the game in order to avoid the infectious rage that comes with struggling at the game.

Nevertheless, Msdossary and Pessoa spoke to GQ UK to highlight the seven ways anyone can become a FIFA 21 master.

1. It’s all about that pace

Whatever the console, pace is once again the biggest component you could look for in a player; whether you’re building a squad on Ultimate Team, or simply playing a friendly kick-off game against your mate. As is the case with most FIFAs, the best way to create scoring chances is to blitz past your opponent using a player with 90+ pace. So for all the Ultimate Team-er’s out there, building your team around pace seems to once again be the best case for success.

2. Have the skills to pay the bills

Trickery seems more important than ever this year. Using 4-5 star skilled players in your various squads will surely allow you to create more chances on the break, force more fouls and most importantly, make you feel like an absolute baller. Pessoa says that creating space through trickery is so important with regards to creating opportune scoring chances. Trickery coupled with fast players could prove a nightmare for any opponent to deal with.

3. Take advantage of “dynamic runs”

As a potential “selling-point” of FIFA 21, EA has added a new gameplay feature called “dynamic runs”, which allows a user to point their players in the direction they want them to run. The way in which this can prove effective is through decoy runs, a way in which you can become more unpredictable while playing.

4. Ultimate Team is the best practice

Many can attest that Ultimate Team is where a lot of FIFA rage occurs. Despite this, playing Ultimate Team more than the other game modes will help you greatly improve your game. Building a squad from scratch and seeing how your opponents have built their squads will help you learn what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully after lots of practice, you could potentially transform into a winning machine.

5. Go for hidden gems on Ultimate Team to avoid big spending

The holy grail for any Ultimate Team player is to pack someone like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but that may come at a great cost. One FIFA user reportedly spent $280,000 over a decade on Ultimate Team. Pessoa says the most he’d spent on FIFA in a year was about £72. Moral of the story, there are so many other players that are regularly available on the Ultimate Team transfer market that are well worth adding to your squad. Some noteworthy bargains include Wilfried Zaha, Rodrigo and Nicolas Pepe.


6. Remember to go to bed at some point

For those who play FIFA religiously, don’t forget that getting your eight hours of sleep is still an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Not sleeping enough could lead to silly mistakes while playing, and we know that no one wants to accidentally pass the ball to an opponent’s striker from a goal kick. Pessoa explains that having a proper sleep schedule was so important to his success as an e-sports professional.

7. Watch professional gamers and even yourself

The age of streaming and content creation has allowed for professionals in the industry to showcase themselves on the internet for others to watch and learn. So watching YouTube videos, Twitch streams and e-sports events that feature reputable FIFA players may be beneficial if you’re finding yourself on the verge of throwing your controller at the wall every time you concede a goal. Msdossary says that recording yourself playing can also serve as a way to point out your lingering mistakes and find ways to overturn them.

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