FourFourTwo name the 22 weirdest things to have ever happened in football


The history of football began in 1863.

That’s 157 years of the beautiful game in this country.

Just think of how many matches that have been played during that time. You’d think that we’ve seen absolutely everything there is to see.

But yet, every now and then, we see something either on the pitch or off the pitch that we’ve never witnessed before. That’s what makes football so brilliant, we continue to be amazed by the unexpected.

Earlier this week, football magazine FourFourTwo asked fans to name ‘the single weirdest thing that's ever happened at your club?’

The replies were full of the weird and wonderful and, as a result, FourFourTwo have compiled ‘The 22 weirdest things that ever happened in football.’

Let’s see what made the list:

Sunderland’s beach ball goal vs Liverpool

Eleven years on and it’s still baffling as to how Darren Bent’s goal against Liverpool was allowed to stand. The fact it was the only goal in the game makes it even worse.


West Brom’s boiler mascot

A dog, a dinosaur, maybe even a pirate. But a boiler? That’s not a mascot.


Ozil paying for Gunnersaurus’ wages

Talking about mascots. Only in 2020 could something like this happen…


Fulham’s Michael Jackson statue

Why did Fulham have an MJ statue outside Craven Cottage again?


Delia Smith’s half time rant

“Let’s be ‘aving you!” Iconic.


The Blackburn chicken

How do you protest against your owners? By bringing a live chicken into the ground, of course. The way Yakuku deals with it is just fantastic.

Jim Branning at Southampton

Who else? No, John Bardon wasn’t even from Southampton.


Scuba-diving invader at Bolton

There’s probably a really funny story behind why a Bolton fan decided to dress up as a scuba diver - with flippers - and run onto the pitch during a game.


West Brom players stealing a taxi in Barcelona

Gareth Barry, Jonny Evans, Jake Livermore and Boaz Myhill were all involved and we absolutely love to know the full story behind this. They were relegated that season.


Phil Jones taking a corner for Man Utd

Just look at the way he’s sticking both his hands up in the air. A central defender shouldn’t be taking corners, especially if their name is Phil Jones.


Man City season-ticket protest

How times have changed. Man City are one of the best sides in world football while Bury don’t even exist anymore.


Tim Sherwood allowing a fan to message

Siri: show me an image that sums up Tim Sherwood.


Bournemouth owner tries to fight fans

Back in 2011, Eddie Mitchell confronted fans after Bournemouth’s 3-0 defeat to Chesterfield and told critics a few days later they should “go and support Southampton.”


Andy Hessenthaler

What an incredible moment of sh*thousery.


Ramon Diaz at Oxford

Dubbed the ‘Argentine Alex Ferguson,’ Diaz arrived at Oxford from River Plate in 2004. He lasted just five months and he and his staff reportedly weren’t paid for their services.


Alan Hardy’s x-rated tweet

You could say he really cocked-up here…


Jackie McNamara going from manager to CEO

Don’t work hard, work smart.


Alexis Sanchez’s dog banner

From the same club who has one of their own players paying the mascot’s wages. Arsenal don’t help themselves, do they?


Michael Jackson - Exeter’s No.1 fan

Does MJ support Fulham or Exeter?


Little Mix vs Rangers

Remember when Little Mix and Rangers went head-to-head for Christmas No.1 back in 2016? Well they were both beaten by Clean Bandit’s Rockabye as Little Mix came in at No.4 and Rangers’ Glad All Over came No.31.


Steve Bruce’s transfer target ‘shot in the head’

The opening of line of the Northern Echo back in January 2010 read: “ONE of Steve Bruce's transfer targets has been shot in the head.” The Sunderland boss was tracking Salvador Cabanas but the 29-year-old was shot in Mexico City in a bar. He probably struggled to pass the medical…


Leicester’s starting XI in the Champions League

Yeah, no wonder why Porto beat them 5-0…

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