Euro 2020: England, Scotland and Cristiano Ronaldo feature as every game is predicted


The next installment of the European Championships is now tantalisingly close.

It seems like decades ago that Portugal crowned themselves rulers of the continent with a dramatic victory over France in their own backyard with Eder scoring an iconic winner from range.

Of course, we were meant to have UEFA's showcase event on our screens a few months ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic means that Euro 2020 will actually take place in 2021.

Euro 2020 groups finalised

And it's taken until this week for the final groups to have been confirmed with some dramatic play-off fixtures meaning we can now assess the 24 qualifiers in all their glory.

There was ecstasy for Scotland as they qualified on penalties, while Slovakia ensured there was heartbreak for Northern Ireland and North Macedonia historically made the finals for the first time.

And although there are still over six months to go until the tournament takes place - fingers crossed - we couldn't help riding the wave of Euro 2020 excitement by reaching for our crystal ball.


Predicting every Euro 2020 result

Earlier in the year, we predicted the entire tournament upon its postponement and now we're back for more, forecasting each and every game now that we have a new date and all 24 nations.

So, pause the countdown for a moment because GIVEMESPORT is about to take you through how Euro 2020 will probably, possibly, maybe transpire the year before it actually happens.

Then again, this is coming from a writer who predicted James Rodriguez would be an expensive flop at Everton, so probably apply a dumper truck of salt to my predictions...


Group stages one

Group A: Turkey 0-0 Italy

Group A: Wales 2-1 Switzerland

Group B: Denmark 1-0 Finland

Group B: Belgium 4-1 Russia

Group C: Austria 2-0 North Macedonia

Group C: Netherlands 1-0 Ukraine

Group D: England 0-1 Croatia

Group D: Scotland 2-1 Czech Republic

Group E: Poland 1-1 Slovakia

Group E: Spain 3-0 Sweden

Group F: Hungary 1-2 Portugal

Group F: France 2-2 Germany


Group stages two

Group A: Turkey 1-0 Wales

Group A: Italy 1-0 Switzerland

Group B: Finland 2-1 Russia

Group B: Denmark 1-0 Belgium

Group C: Ukraine 0-0 North Macedonia

Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Austria

Group D: Croatia 3-1 Czech Republic

Group D: England 1-0 Scotland

Group E: Sweden 1-2 Slovakia

Group E: Spain 2-1 Poland

Group F: Hungary 1-4 France

Group F: Portugal 0-2 Germany


Group stages three

Group A: Switzerland 2-2 Turkey

Group A: Italy 1-0 Wales

Group B: Russia 1-1 Denmark

Group B: Finland 0-2 Belgium

Group C: North Macedonia 1-3 Netherlands

Group C: Ukraine 1-1 Austria

Group D: Croatia 4-2 Scotland

Group D: Czech Republic 0-1 England

Group E: Slovakia 1-1 Spain

Group E: Sweden 0-0 Poland

Group F: Portugal 1-3 France

Group F: Germany 1-1 Hungary


Group stage calculations

Dazzled by an avalanche of group-stage results? Well, fear not, we're going to breakdown the final group standings before we progress to the knockout stages because UEFA hardly make it easy.

Obviously, the top two teams in each group go through, dictated by head-to-head results and then goal difference if necessary, but the teams that finish third are what makes things a little tricky.

The four best-performing bronze medalists qualify and whichever quartet they are dictates who faces who in the round of 16. You're just going to have to trust us here that we've nailed it!


Final group stage standings

Group A

1. Italy - 7 points (2GD)

2. Turkey - 5 points (1GD)

3. Wales - 3 points (-1GD)

4. Switzerland - 1 point (-2GD)

Group B

1. Denmark - 7 points (2GD)

2. Belgium - 6 points (5GD)

3. Finland - 3 points (-2GD)

4. Russia - 1 point (-4GD)

Group C

1. Netherlands - 9 points (5GD)

2. Austria - 4 points (0GD)

3. Ukraine - 2 points (-1GD)

4. North Macedonia - 1 point (-4GD)

Group D

1. Croatia - 9 points (5GD)

2. England - 6 points (1GD)

3. Scotland - 3 points (-2GD)

4. Czech Republic - 0 points (-4GD)

Group E

1. Spain - 7 points (4GD)

2. Slovakia - 5 points (1GD)

3. Poland - 2 points (-1GD)

4. Sweden - 1 point (-4GD)

Group F

1. France - 7 points (5GD)

2. Germany - 5 points (2GD)

3. Portugal - 3 points (-3GD)

4. Hungary - 1 point (-4GD)


Going into the knockout stages

Football wouldn't be football without a few shocks, would it? We're predicting Denmark to be the dark horses of the tournament, as you'll see in the knockout rounds, while Croatia once again get the better of England.

Reigning champions Portugal are the country that come up short in the 'Group of Death', but just as they did during Euro 2016, the new third-place rule means they still limp their way into the knockout rounds.

The same can also be said of Scotland and Wales who, despite losing two of their three group games, also benefit from the regulations to ensure a clean sweep of Home Nations in the second round.


Round of 16

1. Denmark 2-1 Scotland

2. Italy 2-0 Austria

3. France 3-2 Finland

4. England 1-0 Slovakia

5. Spain 4-1 Wales

6. Croatia 1-0 Germany

7. Netherlands 2-2 Portugal (AET) - Portugal win 5-4 on penalties

8. Turkey 1-2 Belgium 



1. Denmark 0-0 Italy (AET) - Denmark win 4-1 on penalties

2. France 3-0 England 

3. Spain 2-1 Croatia

4. Portugal 1-1 Belgium (AET) - Belgium win 6-5 on penalties


1. France 1-0 Denmark

2. Spain 2-3 Belgium



France 1-2 Belgium (AET)


Belgium to win Euro 2020

There have been countless international tournaments where the highest-ranked nation has fallen short, but we think the time is ripe for Belgium's 'Golden Generation' to strike, well, gold.

Roberto Martinez boasts an incredible record at the helm of the Red Devils and if it wasn't for defeat to France in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals, they most likely would have gone all the way.

And they'll be hungry for revenge three years later because we're predicting them to renew their rivalry with Les Bleus in the final, striking victory through a Romelu Lukaku goal in extra time. 


But hey, that's just what we're thinking here at GIVEMESPORT and at the end of the day, predicting football is about as nonsensically-impossible as counting every blade of grass in your garden.

So, who knows? Perhaps it really will be coming home next summer, perhaps Spain will rule the continent once again or Scotland will shock the world to win the entire thing... ok, not the last one.

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