Boxing: Bare-Knuckle fighter brutally KO’s opponent in just three seconds


One of the fastest knockouts in history was delivered during last night’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship as Cuban Ulysses Diaz knocked out his unfortunate opponent, Donelei Benedetto, in an incredible three seconds.

No sooner had the bell rung when Diaz exposed Benedetto’s defence with a left jab before following up with a devastating right hook.

The result meant it was another knockout for the 39-year-old who has led a more exciting life than most, having spent two years in prison before beginning his professional career in MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and more recently Bare Knuckle Fighting.

In those three seconds, he managed to amaze fans and pundits with his agility and strength, although it was unsurprising given that the Cuban had won 11 out of his 13 boxing contests via knockouts.

Diaz has finally received the plaudits he deserves and will go down in Bare Knuckle Fighting history. History of a sport that is about to be resurrected.

You see, bare knuckle fighting was actually illegal in the United States prior to March 2018 when Wyoming legalised the sport. This has been followed by the likes of Mississippi, New Hampshire and Florida.

The rekindling of Bare Knuckle fighting has been touted to be the next UFC by Forbes contributor Peter Kahn, where the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship founder and CEO, David Feldman, has been likened to Dana White.

In an interview with Kahn, Feldman said:

“I promoted a fighter in boxing named Bobby Gunn, who as a Gypsy would tell me how they would do bare-knuckle fights in Scotland and England to solve family disputes and bet on them. I started researching it and got really intrigued.

"So, I told him I was going to do a real, legit one. I did a bare-knuckle fight in 2011 at Fort McDowell Casino in Arizona. We sold it out and had almost one million people attempt to purchase the event, but the paywall crashed.

"That’s when we knew it could be big. We pushed for seven years, pitching 28 states, to no avail. Finally, Bryan Pedersen, the chairman of the athletic commission in Wyoming gave us a chance.

"On June 2, 2018, we made history by becoming the first legally, state-regulated, bare-knuckle fighting company in US history.”

What do you think? Will Bare Knuckle Fighting become the new UFC? Comment below on your thoughts.

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