WWE news: How long is Seth Rollins going to be off TV and when will he take his break?

Rollins will be off WWE TV soon

WWE appear to be wrapping up the long-running feud between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family. 

Their storyline began way back in May unfolding on both RAW and SmackDown while also spanning multiple PPV events. 

It's no doubt one of WWE's best angles of the year and has been highly-rated by fans. 

But on Friday night Mysterio beat Rollins for one final time, which will likely bring an end to their feud - for now at least. 

It was wrapped up quickly but the reason for that, of course, is because 'The Messiah' is set to take a break from WWE. 

According to Dave Meltzer, his wife Becky Lynch is due to give birth 'within a week or two' and that's why Rollins has been pulled out of his storyline. 

Meltzer also speculated when we'll see him back in WWE. 

Rollins will be off WWE TV soon

"Becky Lynch is about to give birth within a week or two. That’s why they blew off the Rey thing this week," he said on Wrestling Observer Radio, per WrestlingNews.

"They’re gonna do the Seth Rollins and Murphy match next week and then Survivor Series and probably after Survivor Series, maybe a week after [he'll be gone].

"He’s gonna be gone probably until the first of the year maybe. I don’t know if there’s a definite date but that’s out and that story is out and that story is true."  

Rollins will be off TV in December

While Meltzer is speculating that Rollins will be away until January 1, another report from WrestlingInc suggests that he could return at the Royal Rumble later in January.  

Even though 'The Messiah' is set to be off WWE TV for around four to six weeks, Murphy's storyline with Mysterio is set to continue in his absence.

Rollins will face his former disciple on SmackDown next week, but what happens after that is yet to be seen. 

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