The Masters: Tiger Woods endures nightmare on 12th hole


Sunday was a tense final day at the Masters for the likes of Dustin Johnson. 

But take a scroll right down the leaderboard, and eventually you'll find Tiger Woods. 

It's been a tough few days for the American and it was easy to see why as he approached the 12th hole in the final round. 

The 44-year-old's first shot landed into the water and it ultimately took him no fewer than TEN attempts to complete the par 3 hole. 

Three of his shots ended up in the water as he recorded the worst score of his Masters career. 

By the end of the hole, he was on +3 and sat in T54 in the leaderboard. 

This wasn't even the only horrorshow round he suffered as he recorded 72 in the third round. 

It's not how he would have dreamed of defending his title. 

Earlier in the week, he had spoken about the difficulties he was facing at Augusta in his advancing years, but he can't have been predicting such a struggle on what should have been a straightforward hole. 

"When I first played it, I thought this was one of the shortest and most open golf courses that I thought there was," Woods told Sky Sports.

"It was just a driver and a wedge everywhere, and there really wasn't a bunker off the tee that was in play.

"The first time I played here, I drove a three-wood into the bunker on 10. Obviously the tees have been all lengthened and it's a very different golf course. The fairways were all cut downgrain at the time.

"I never really hit anything more than an eight-iron into a par-four, so I never would I have dreamt that this golf course would have been changed this much, would have been lengthened this much and have been playing this much longer than it was then."

If there's one man who's probably glad spectators aren't allowed in this year, it's Woods.

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