Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War now has the viral coffin dance meme


Just days after the launch, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Easter eggs are already being found.

Amazingly, the game features its own version of the coffin dance meme. 

The coffin dance meme shows a group of dancing Ghanaian pallbearers at a funeral, carrying the coffin during a procession. You’re probably familiar with it.

Now, a version of the meme has been found in Black Ops Cold War. 

It appears in Zombie Mode and was originally shared by Reddit user LooperGamer.

The Easter egg sets off a huge zombie disco, complete with music from Black Ops 4, where the flesh eating monsters completely abandon flesh eating in favour of dance. 

One four-man group of zombies grab hold of a nearby crate to mimic the Ghanaian pallbearers. 

So, how do you get the Easter egg in your own game?

Simply hunt down and shoot five blue orbs in the area around the pack-a-punch machine in Zombies Mode. Then you’re going to see some disco zombies. 

If you’ve not seen the original dancing pallbearers video, it’s well worth a look. The contrast between the morbid occasion and the joyous dancing is seemingly what’s made it such a hit. 

The thinking behind that dancing is making the funeral into a more upbeat occasion. The dancing pallbearers aim to celebrate the life of the deceased, rather than mourn in a more traditional way. We quite like it. Take a look below.

Now the dance often appears as a meme, mocking fails and generally appearing all over the internet. 

So, if you happen to like guys who dance while holding coffins and you also like playing Call of Duty, then Treyarch have really got your back with their latest release.

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