Nations League: Kazakhstan score bizarre goal vs Albania - Roy Keane reacts

  • Kat Lucas

How about a collective sigh of relief for the international break almost being over? 

UEFA, you can try all you want to make us all care about the Nations League. It won't work and England will still ultimately end up disappointing everybody. 

That's not to say there weren't some eye-catching moments in the weekend's games. 

Take Kazakhstan full-back Aybol Abiken, who capitalised on Albania's Etrit Berisha being miles off his line to score directly from kick-off.

Was it a moment of genius, or just some embarrassing goalkeeping? Fortunately, we have Roy Keane on ITV to decide such debates and inevitably, the ever irate Irishman went for the latter. 

"You wouldn't forgive him," Keane said. "International football? What was he doing?! It's just..." 

"You'd never forgive him for that. Stupid. I'm angry watching it." 

Of all the things that have made Keane angry this season - see Micah Richards, Kyle Walker and the entire Manchester United team - this one is probably justified. 

Kazakhstan directed it straight down the middle and there's really no excuse for Berisha to have been caught out so badly moments after his side had just sailed into a two-goal lead 24 minutes in. 

On the bright side, Albania still went on to win 3-1, so he ought not to lose too much sleep - if he can deal with having nightmares about Roy Keane hunting him down. 

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