WWE news: Zelina Vega made more money on Twitch than she did from wrestling

Vega made more money from Twitch than from WWE

Zelina Vega was released by WWE on Friday night. 

The news came as a huge shock for fans, given how much her stock has risen in recent months. 

Earlier this year, Vega was the mouthpiece of an exciting new stable involving Andrade and Angel Garza. 

While that storyline fizzled out, the 29-year-old then went on to have a shot at the RAW Women's Championship at the Clash of Champions PPV, before being drafted to SmackDown. 

So when news of Vega's release broke, fans went crazy. Shortly before the announcement, the ex-Superstar tweeted 'I support unionization' and many believe that's what led to WWE cutting her. 

Further reports though have confirmed that's not the case. Instead, it's suggested that Zelina's refusal to give up her Twitch account played a part in her release. 

According to Dave Meltzer, Vega was actually making more money from social media than from WWE, so it's easy to see why she was so vocal about keeping her online profile. 

Vega was released by WWE last week

"So, essentially as everyone knows, the talent was given a timeframe to get rid of their Twitch and Cameo accounts," Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

"During that timeframe, Zelina Vega didn’t get rid of it and she opened an OnlyFans account.

"The backstory on this is that there are a couple of women that are making more money with their social media than they are making with WWE. 

Vega is popular on Twitch

"One of those was Zelina Vega. On her Twitch she’s making a lot of money and so it’s like what do you do in that situation and I think she made her choice and they had to fire her.

"Right before it got out that she was fired she made a tweet about how she supports unionization which she has said before." 

It's pretty crazy to hear that Vega was making more money outside of WWE, considering she was one of the company's top stars in 2020. Hopefully, she'll continue to make a living through social media.   

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