FIFA: Every single game this century has been ranked according to their Metacritic score


The EA Sports FIFA games are far and away the most famous football games known to man, but how have they fared over the years?

EA released this year’s edition FIFA 21 on October 6, armed with the best graphics of the series and optimised for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

That is about as good as it gets for the current instalment, however, with many complaints regarding bugs, glitches and the game's overall performance.

So today, we take a look at the Metacritic scores of each entrance to the FIFA series since 2000’s FIFA 01, on the PlayStation platforms, to see how the much criticised FIFA 21 holds up to its predecessors.

Spolier: Not very well.

21. FIFA 21 - 72/0.7

The current edition comes in last place with a very low 72, and an absolutely shocking user score of 0.7/10.

20. FIFA 20 - 79/1.2

Its most recent predecessor didn’t fair much better, with FIFA 20’s score of 79 making up the second below 80 rating on our list.

19. FIFA 06 - 80/7.8

A nostalgic favourite amongst the fans, it’s obvious the critics didn’t see eye-to-eye, as a score of 80 places it near the bottom.


18. FIFA 08 - 81/7.1

Tied for score with FIFA 08, a lower number on the user score section sees it fall slightly lower into 18th place.

17. FIFA 05 - 81/7.5

A more positive user score sees FIFA 05 pip FIFA 08 to 17th place.

16. FIFA 16 - 82/4.4

FIFA 16’s slow-paced gameplay leads to a poor 4.4 user score, meaning it sits, somewhat ironically, in 16th place.

15. FIFA 15 - 82/5.6

A higher user score places FIFA 15 in an also ironic 15th place. This game’s best feature was definitely the soundtrack.

14. FIFA 02 - 82/6.1

One of the most enjoyable FIFA games of the old era, mediocre scores don’t quite do it justice. But it can more than hold its own against its more modern counterparts.

13. FIFA 07 - 82/7.8

Strangely, the critics weren’t absolutely full of praise for what was a much loved edition. Players worldwide enjoyed the peak era of manager mode.

12. FIFA 19 - 83/1.9

Another modern entry disliked by the users with the bugged out, synthetic gameplay, the critics disagreed, giving FIFA 19 a decent score of 83.

11. FIFA 01 - 83/7.3

The oldest game in the list comes in 11th place with pretty respectable scores all round. You really can’t beat a bit of nostalgia.

10. FIFA 18 - 84/3.4

FIFA 18 kicks off the top 10 with a huge disparity thanks to the awful 3.4 user score. Apart from maybe the World Cup mode, this game was a definite disappointment.


9. FIFA 04 - 84/6.4

A game 14 years its senior edges out FIFA 18 for ninth place with a much more favourable user score. It still doesn’t seem right that Greece won the Euros that summer.

8. FIFA 17 - 85/4.9

Another modern FIFA entry is struck down by a low user score, truly showing how the games have gone downhill in recent years.

7. FIFA 14 - 87/6.3

The critics were greatly impressed with FIFA 14, the first FIFA title to be launched on the current-gen consoles. But the players thought it failed to hit the heights it could’ve done.

6. FIFA 09 - 87/7.5

The first game in the series to feature Ultimate Team, FIFA 09 went down well with critics and fans alike. To this day, it’s still a classic.

5. FIFA 13 - 88/6.7 

One of the better entries in the franchise, things have certainly declined since FIFA 13’s release, the last FIFA game to score over 6.5 with the users.


4. FIFA 03 - 88/6.6

A game that gives a classic and nostalgic feeling like its immediate predecessor FIFA 02, surprisingly has the lowest user score in the top 10.

3. FIFA 11 - 89/8.1

Arguably the best FIFA release in the current century, FIFA 11 takes up a much deserved spot in our top three, with the highest user score in the list. Takes us back to the days when Ultimate Team was fun, not broken.

2. FIFA 12 - 90/7.2

Not as loved as FIFA 11, but still a great entry in the franchise nonetheless. Skill moves galore and Emile Heskey as an in-game meme, what a time to be alive.

1. FIFA 10 - 91/7.6

A terrific game and a deserved winner, FIFA 10 seemed to deliver perfectly with every game mode, giving the players the most balanced and fun experience between all modes to date. Nothing like what we’ve had to play through these past few years.

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