PlayStation 5: Cardboard replica of Sony's next-gen console sells for $400 on eBay


Gamers are desperate to lay their hands on next-gen consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X. In some cases that desperation has led to some pretty questionable buys too.

One recent mishap saw a would-be next-gen gamer buying what they thought was a PS5 on eBay – only to receive a cardboard cut-out of one.

It’s a pretty unconvincing model and yet it set the buyer back $399.99.

It’s not even like the eBay listing tried to trick anyone. It’s completely transparently listed as “PS5 cardboard replica WITH controller” and the description reads, “Took around 3 hours to make …

Probably won’t be able to afford a real one … but if someone actually considers buying this I would be beyond thankful.”

Amazingly the unit actually sold. We’d love to know who bought it and – perhaps more importantly – why.

When it comes to the real console, plenty of reviewers have already been hugely impressed. While it’s widely agreed that the console unit itself is a little bulky – and that one or two more launch games would make it a more exciting proposition – the PS5 is hugely impressive.


The console experts at Tech Radar said: “The PS5 is a seriously great next-gen gaming console – and one we’ll be recommending to our friends and families for the next six months, at least.

"The new controller is revolutionary, and the whole experience feels fresh, fast and satisfying to use.

“One of the best things about the PlayStation 5 is that it acts as a bridge between generations. Your entire library of digital PS4 games is there from the moment you log into your PSN account.”

If you are considering picking up a PS5, be very careful where you buy it. Take an extra look at the photos too – you don’t want to land yourself with a cardboard replica.

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