PlayStation 5: When is Sony's next-gen console likely to drop in price?


After a long wait, the PlayStation 5 is set to be released in the UK on November 19th, following the launch of the console in North America and Asia last week.

Customers will have the choice of purchasing either the Base or Digital Edition of the console, with the main difference being that the Digital console does not contain a Blu-Ray compatible optical disc drive.

Another difference is the price point – you can purchase the Digital Edition for £359, whilst the Base console comes in at a slightly steeper £449.

And whilst that can put consumers off purchasing at launch, it is believed that the console will follow its previous model of dropping in price as time goes on.

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 was released at an introductory price of £349.99 in the UK in 2013, whereas it is now available for under £250 at some retailers.

According to the team at iPrice Group, a price comparison website based across Asia, the price of a Digital PS5 could drop to as low as S$564 (around £315) by May 2021, with the Base edition coming in at £385.

That means a saving of around £35 for the Digital console, compared to around £65 on the more expensive Base version.

The prices could then come down further by November 2021, with the Digital and Base consoles coming in at around £290 and £355 respectively.

At the time of writing, most major retailers have sold out of PS5 pre-orders, meaning that customers will have to wait until the release day on Friday to be able to place their order.

Sony have confirmed that sales will be online only on the day, whilst Amazon have stated whilst they will have stock, it will be limited.

Other major retailers are confirming their plans all the time, so whilst getting a PS5 may be difficult at first, there will be the opportunity to buy one.

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